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  1. i2Paq

    Additional Orders Info

    OK, thanks for you answer. If you could fix the Completed part then I will hand you a fix to make your contribution fully Multilingual in the orders.php. The others will follow shortly B) and: Hope you like this :)
  2. i2Paq

    Additional Orders Info

    Jack, Thanks for great contrib, again. Just a short question or 2: 1. When it says *comments it just means that there are comment with this order. It will not show them below the word *comments? If not, I have the comments-at-a-glance contri installed AND the order-at-a-glance but this gives me some more info. 2. What does this mean: Other Orders: 1 Completed: 0 Totaling: €106.95 Thanks again!
  3. i2Paq

    Graphical Borders

    Hello Spooks, thanks for your reply. I found out that I was mistaken, the product_info.php is not a box, and thus will the graphical borders not work. I also think that if it would work the site would look "to bussy" with all the borders. I changed my background and now everything looks nice, I only need to change the borders itself to fit more into my colorscheme. I'm looking for someone to do that for me, you maybe? :lol:
  4. i2Paq

    Graphical Borders

    Spooks, let me first THANK you for this great, but most of all, easy Graphical Borders contribution! I've often looked at it for implimantation in my webshop but found it to difficult to implement, until you came along. As many others I also have a small "problem" with it and that is related to the product info page, here I'm missing the nice smooth look that I have in the product listing. Also the specials.php, products_new.php and products_new.php etc. are missing the nice look. It still looks like it did before, could you point me where I should look? I did read this whole topic from back to front and vice versa but cannot find what needs t0 be done. The contentBox($info_box_contents); to look for is not in those files. I'm using MS 2.2 060817. Thanks!
  5. i2Paq

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks, but that is not what I mean, sorry for that. In the googlesitemap map there are a lot of files, one is an index.html whit installation instructions. This googlesitemap is accessable via your browser and thus can someone see the install instruction. I removed that file so now there is only the index.php which will generate the sitemaps.xml files. Just want to know if that construction is safe or do I need to remove other files or change the access rights?
  6. i2Paq

    How long until v3 is ready?

    Is that because others tell you or are you missing functionality in your cuurrent osC2? It is the same with cars, when you buy one today in one year it is "outdated", but does it drive less nice?
  7. i2Paq

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I found some issues with the original contribution by Chemo that I used. Google started to show errors and redirects in my Webmaster Tools sitemaps. Looking for a solution I found your *updated* version and I suddenly discovered that I was using an incomplete version since day 1 :blush: Your installation was easy and it worked out of the box. Just one question: Which files should I remove from the domain.com/googlesitemap/ to be on the safe side? Thanks.
  8. i2Paq

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    I will test tonight and let you know. Thanks for your work!
  9. i2Paq

    Purchase Without Account

    Sounds interesting. I will settle for that as to me it makes no sence why you would use PWA anyway. I've had PWA in my previous shop for 2 years and it was used maybe 1 or 2 times. @ Harald, I've tried to send you a PM but it seems you message box is full ;)
  10. i2Paq

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    I've fixed the duplicate Meta-description and duplicate Meta-keywords issue in the includes\meta-tags.php and uploaded this fix to the contribution section here: cDynamic Meta Tags v1.5.1. I've also changed the includes/function/meta.php and set the meta_create_title to 99 instead of 77, wich was to short in most cases. Changed also is the includes/meta_tags.php where the Meta-description on the index.php will show both Store-description and Store-index-description. If you do not like that then please change line 241 to 243 in the includes/meta_tags.php so it will show: //tep_not_null(HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL) && $default==true // ? $desc.=' - '.STORE_METDEX // : NULL; Hope you find use in my changes ;)
  11. i2Paq

    How to change Theme

    osCommerce is NOT template or theme based. Buying one from templatemonster means installing a complete new shop loosing all modifications you did to your current install!!
  12. i2Paq

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    It would be wise to remove the sql part from you database.
  13. Another question: What if they want to re-order items that have been removed from or out of stock in your shop? Is there a check so that items not-in-stock cannot be re-ordered?
  14. Hello lindsayanng, Looks like a great contri and will try to include it in my webshop as I have many customers who order the same on a regular basis. Just one question, in you install.txt it say's "If you would like an image of a shopping cart in place of the "click To Re-Order" text, there is a small shopping cart image included", but I cannot find it in the zip I've downloaded. Thanks!