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  1. Here's the solution in my case -- and it took a lot of support calls before finding a common-sense answer ... What happened was that a while back my hosting provider had an outage, so they had to reboot their server. Well, they didn't bother to set the server time correctly (and they didn't bother to tell me it was off by 40 minutes). If an Authorize.net transaction doesn't make it thru in a span of about 15 minutes, it's rejected ... and since my time was off by 40 or so minutes, Auth.net was kicking all transactions out. Once I discovered this, I politely yelled at my hosting provider, they reset the time, and Auth.net took transactions just fine. Moral of the story ... always check your server time.
  2. bob251

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    Sorry about the provious blank post ... Here's the solution in my case for the "There has been an error processing your credit card - please try again" message ... It turns out my hosting provider rebooted the server and didn't bother telling me that the server time got messed up - off by some 40 minutes. The lag in time caused Authorize.net to reject each transaction - apparently there's a 15-minute grace window, and if auth.net's time is off from your server's time by more than 15 min., then the transaction goes into a black hole. Seems like there would be a much friendlier way to deal with that, you would think ... Anyway, don't know why I didn't notice the time discrepancy earlier, but once I did - I jumped on it and got the hosting people to reset the server time. Voila - auth.net started getting transactions, and no more weird error messages. Hope this helps - -Bob
  3. I am stumped, and my customers are frustrated. When anyone tries to put through a credit card order on my site, they get "There was a problem processing your credit card order - please try again." This happens with valid Visa cards, even the ones that the Authorize.net support guys tried to use. Is there something I'm supposed to change in the code to get this to work? Help! Or where should I look to start debugging this? PayPal works just fine on the site - it's the credit card stuff that bombs out. Thanks, Bob
  4. bob251

    No purchase info passed to PayPal

    I'm having exactly the same problem as Merlin - I get no info on what the customer actually purchased via PayPal, so I have to e-mail them to find out (embarrassing). In my case, osCommerce is passing my company name as the product that was supposedly purchased - weird ... I would also like to know what's going on ...