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  1. desoto0311

    receiving Fatal Error PP Express only; Debit & CCs work OK

    Thank you thank you! - paypal payment has been down for awhile now. This should work...
  2. desoto0311

    receiving Fatal Error PP Express only; Debit & CCs work OK

    No one? I still can't figure this one out. Any assistance would be appreciated!!!!
  3. desoto0311

    receiving Fatal Error PP Express only; Debit & CCs work OK

    I'm having the exact same problem. Anyone have this and fix it?
  4. desoto0311

    Attribute Sets Plus

    May I try this again? Problems not solved over here.... 1.) If you look at the heirarchael structure of attributes as such: attribute sets > attribute options > attribute values, then this is what's going on: a.) I deleted ALL attribute values and all attributes associated with product. b.) I then created 3 product options (sleeve color, size, style) and created options values for those options. c.) I created 3 attribute sets with sizes of: 5, 7, & 8. d.) When inserting said attribute sets into a product, two things happen: I.) 2 of the sets (size, with 8 options and style, with 7 options) duplicates one of the options twice, and appends it to the end of the list. Size, for example, then has 10 options, XL is duplicated twice at the end of the list, and one of the options is not even there, but is ALSO replaced by this duplicate, bringing the "XL" option total to 4! (The 'original' that I wanted, one option is removed with this one taking it's place, then 2 more appended to the bottom of the list.) I also notice that I can't remove the attribute sets from a product as once they're added, they "build" individual attributes at the bottom of the attributes admin page, so they're all there and assigned individually to the product. I don't know if that's what's supposed to happen or not... II.) The second item is that no matter what I name the attribute sets (ie. 1style, 2sleevecolor, 3size) they still show on the products page in alphabetical order (i.e. size, sleeve, style) which is the reverse of what I want. I'd love any help on this as it took me far too long to put this attrib. in, and trying to pull it out amongst my other modified code would be a lengthy proposition to say the least. One more note: I only have one language installed (it was suggested this might have something to do with it?) as I've pulled all others on initial build.... Also, as far as other attribs., these are the ones I can think of off-hand that I had installed prior to this: Big Images (the 3 size version) (could possibly? affect this) Easy Rollovers 1 (shouldn't affect this) Info Box Header images (shouldn't affect this) Product Listing Module (shouldn't affect this) Product Listing Selectable Columns (shouldn't affect this) ?? Advanced Shopping Cart (shouldn't affect this) Thanks in advance.... One more note (sorry): If NO ONE else has run into this or can point me in the right direction, what is a good suggestion for uninstall of this attrib? I would like the SQL references removed as well as a "checklist" of code that needs to be put back in order... -D-
  5. desoto0311

    Attribute Sets Plus

    I've got 2 problems when adding this attrib that I think should be posted... Although as I don't see anyone else with the same problem, it *may* be something I did? I've installed easily 20-30 contribs. with rare problems... anyway, here goes: 1.) No matter how I name my attrib. set., (1_tstyle, 2_tsleeve, 3_tsize, as an example) the product attribute ordering is by option name (i.e. size, sleeve, style VS. style, sleeve, size, which is how I wanted it, and the order it was initially entered.) and does not use the attrib. sets as ordering criteria. If that is how it is supposed to work, how would I reoder without trying to work in another contrib. (nightmare to blend them, I would think) so that I could still order the way I needed... 2.) This one's the biggy. Install seemed to go fine, and to make sure everything was 'clean', I deleted all options and values; starting from scratch. When I add a new attribute set and specify the "size" (i.e. 7) I end up getting 2 more duplicates. I tried deleting everything and starting from scratch with the same results. The only thing I think I may be able to do is to manually delete the extra values from the regular attribs. area, but that seems like a pain to remember to do that. Any help would be appreciated. (V.1.01 installed.) -D
  6. desoto0311

    "invalid serial number" using geotrust/skip jack

    I had the same problem; here you go: ASSUMPTION: You registered your payment gateway directly with Skipjack (not an affiliate) and you're using the CURRENT version of the geotrust/skipjack module (currently geotrust_081905_1) The default processing link will not work and must be replaced. I spoke directly with Skipjack and got this link: https://www.skipjackic.com/scripts/EvolvCC.dll?Authorize This needs to replace the link found in this line of the geotrust.php payment module (includes/modules/payment/geotrust.php): Go to line containing (line 32): $this->form_action_url = 'https://developer.skipjackic.com/scripts/EvolvCC.dll?Authorize'; Assuming this has/had been done, and you still have the error, it could be one of two things: 1.) You're not using the actual HTML serial number provided. (There are usually two numbers; HTML Serial Number, and Login Serial Number. Use the first) OR 2.) You purchased the Skipjack payment processor through a reseller and you're not using the proper link provided by that reseller. I've stumbled across several forum posts that show the link for various resellers. Do a search. Hopefully this answers your question. If you're anything like me, you'll get passed that problem only to run into a new one. After processing with Skipjack, you're *supposed* to be redirected to the checkout_process.php page (as setup in your response files on skipjack) but are instead redirected to the login page. If that DOESN'T happen to you, PLEASE let me know, cause I'm STUCK! LOL! Thanks, -D