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  1. dasruud


    hi everyone, great contrib, i'm using it on my live shop. i've noticed a problem and i apologize if it has already been addressed, i didn't have the time to sift through all the posts. here it is: if a customer buys a "special" (my setup doesn't credit points for specials) AND a non-special, points are awarded for BOTH. for instance, assuming the following products are in the customer's basket: product 1 price $15 (non-special) product 2 price $30 discounted by "specials" to $25 subtotal = $40 ($15 full price plus $25 discounted price) points to customer = 40 (at 1 point per 1$ spent) when in fact it should show: points to customer = 15 (only for the non-discounted product, zero points for the "special") any ideas?
  2. dasruud

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    hi all, we get server http error 500 on requests to our sts-powered shop. we've narrowed it down to sts. if these lines of code: // START STS 4.5 require (DIR_WS_CLASSES.'sts.php'); $sts= new sts(); $sts->start_capture(); // END STS are commented out in /includes/application_top.php the error is gone. which cannot be done (permanently) since the whole shop depends on sts. the error started showing up after our hosting service updated to a newer version of apache (from 1.x to 2.x). it also runs php 5.2.3 or 5.2.4. we use sts_htc bundle (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4456 10 may) with the sts 4.5.5 patch (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1524 22 aug). any advice on mods to the sts.php required to make it all work again? thanks.
  3. dasruud

    Contribution: Friendly Pricing v1.0

    hi all, this contrib is just what i need, but given that i run a heavily modded shop i can't just copy the files over the existing ones - it would just mess up everything. does anyone have a line-by-line install instructions file? i've tried using a comparison program but the results just don't make sense to me - i'm not a programmer. if anyone can help please post the file here or e-mail it to me at: dasruud at gmail dot com thanks, das