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  1. grimalkin


    That fix seemed to have worked for me. I'm super un-stoked at how the USPS changes one string every year to initiate another emergency for those who use their API.
  2. grimalkin

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hmm, the only domestic shipping options are Media and Priority. International was working, which is another strange thing. When I removed that one line, USPS shipping was once again available, displaying the appropriate options.
  3. grimalkin

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    It was toward the end of the request: %3CShipDate%3E25-Apr-2011%3C%2FShipDate%3E%3C%2FPackage%3E%3C%2FRateV4Request%3E The ShipDate was the same as the current date at the time I was attempting to check out - the 25th.
  4. grimalkin

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I have/had what I think is a strange problem. USPS stopped working for domestic orders a little after 10:00pm PDT tonight. I'd see the generic "error calculating shipping" error. I did a packet dump and found I was receiving this response: <RateV4Response> <Package ID="0"> <Error> <Number>-2147219421</Number> <Source>DomesticRatesV4;clsRateV4.ValidateShipDate;clsRateV4.CreateSinglePostage-CreateSinglePostage;RateEngineV4.ProcessRequest</Source> <Description>Ship Date must be within the next three days.</Description> <HelpFile></HelpFile> <HelpContext>1000440</HelpContext> </Error> </Package> <Package ID="1"> <Error> <Number>-2147219421</Number> <Source>DomesticRatesV4;clsRateV4.ValidateShipDate;clsRateV4.CreateSinglePostage-CreateSinglePostage;RateEngineV4.ProcessRequest</Source> <Description>Ship Date must be within the next three days.</Description> <HelpFile></HelpFile> <HelpContext>1000440</HelpContext> </Error> </Package> </RateV4Response> The ShipDate looks like this: <ShipDate>25-Apr-2011</ShipDate> (at least, I think that's what it looks like - it was all in "%3E%3C" type format, and I never did remember much past %20) I checked another site I run using Zencart, and found it didn't send out a ShipDate, so I edited what's line number 660 in my version of usps.php, commenting out the code that sends the ShipDate: // '<ShipDate>' . date('d-M-Y') . '</ShipDate>' . (unnecessary whitespace removed in the interest of aesthetics) I would be completely un-flabbergasted if I've missed an announcement somewhere or edited using an old howto, but does this issue make sense to anyone? And, should I attempt to resolve it in some way other than commenting out the ship date (changing the date format, I assume)?
  5. grimalkin

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I may have missed this (for some reason, viewing this forum causes my browser to act funny, and I don't have the patience to get through all the code snippets to make sure I'm not double posting), but there's a USPS 5.0.0 module in the contribs now. I just installed it, after trying a few fixes (got the domestic options un-metacized, but international still wasn't working for me). Looks like everything is good now for me. Won't work for heavily modified USPS mods, but for the rest of us, it should be good. Remember, of course, to "remove" the module from the shipping modules section of your web-based admin area first. Mod is here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487
  6. grimalkin

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Please imagine the word "Argh" 20 feet high in flames. Thank you very much for this update. I'm going to go have myself a Sunday afternoon now and forget this until tomorrow.
  7. We received this in the mail today: Will these changes require any changes to current osCommerce installations?
  8. grimalkin

    USPS International Shipping Selection help

    Same here. Or, *bump*, if you'd prefer.
  9. grimalkin


    Well, how-dee-do! Go! That did it. Thanks much! Of course it was something so simple... Thanks. I downloaded it. I'll read it carefully.
  10. grimalkin


    Hello, I installed this contribution today. I am also trying to make a list of sizes available for all t-shirts. I created a "size" option in the Product attributes section of the OSC config. I created several option values, small, medium, etc., within the "size" option. I then realized I was going to have to assign each size manually - not even just the size option, but every value for size - for each t-shirt design. Yeeh. So, I installed AttributesWizzard. I created a list called "shirtsizes". I added all the various sizes under "optionsname". I chose "attach", then chose "all" (which checked all the current t-shirt designs), and saved it. This had no perceivable affect on anything I can see. Am I misunderstanding the useage?