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    Is it possible to sort the order in which the sets themselves appear in product_info.php with this contribution? I currently use attributes sets plus, but it doesnt allow me to do that. they appear in alphabetic order and the only solution I found was to number the options so they would show up in order. exemple: 1- Processor: 2- Case: 3- Motherboard: otherwise it will show up like this: Case Motherboard Processor
  2. WEB11

    sorting an attribute by option name

    I have Attribute Sets Plus contrib installed, how could I change this to order the options by attribute sets name? Is it possible? Thanks
  3. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Disregard my question above, it works fine. When testing, I forgot to create new attributes and was trying to use the default ones to create sets.
  4. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Disregard my question above, it works fine. When testing, I forgot to create new attributes and was trying to use the default ones to create sets.
  5. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hi, Can someone tell me what are the changes needed if any, to make this contribution work on a shop installed in the root folder? I had attribute sets plus installed on my shop and after I moved it to root the contrib stoped working, so before I attempt to install this one I would like to know if it will work. Thanks
  6. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Has anyone sucessfully installed this contribuition on a shop installed in the root folder? I am able to install it on a subfolder but not on root. I haven't messed with the supplied files yet but maybe someone can save me time. Does anyone know a workaround for this problem? Thanks I had a similar problem when I installed the option as images contribution, the attributes would ignore my order input. I couldn't find a solution for that so I had to give up on options as images. So resuming, check the other contribs you have installed, one of them might be conflicting with Atribute Setts. It seems like what you are seeing is the other languages labels and not duplicates, give a different name for each language and you will understand what I am saying, ie: english: memory, spanish: memoria. Just pick one of them and it should be fine, or maybe uninstall the languages you don't support on your store. Hope that helps
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    My bad, I got to this post using a link and didn't even notice that it was under announcements. GeNiUs2k5 You can PM me or post under contrib support if you still need help.
  8. WEB11


    Post your product_info.php here so I can try to help you.
  9. WEB11


    I just added a upgrage installation package with a detailed manual and screenshot. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3593 Great job by the way D3MO, I hope you don't mind me steping up and adding the package, I just figured since I had already gone thru the trouble of finding all the necessary changes for a upgrage install I should post it.
  10. Hey mibble, I installed the contrib, (Easypopulate with Product Attributes, by Mibble, 26 Jul 2005) but it doesn't seem to be compatible with Attribute Sets Plus, I am able to download and update all fields, except attributes. I guess I don't understand how to make it work. Can you give me some insight? What I want to do if possible is upload different sets of attributes to the attribute sets window, then apply them to products by attribute sets name instead of individual attrute names, that way when I modify the sets the product attributes will be modified as well instead of me having to go changing them one by one. Thanks in advance. :D
  11. Does easy pouplate work with attribute sets plus contrib? Can I upload attribute sets using it?
  12. WEB11

    Options as Images

    I have a small problem with this contrib, it seems that after I install it the attributes order gets all messed up, I use attributes sets contrib to create different attribute lists. Here is an exemple: Before installation: After installation:
  13. I tried this contrib but it didnt work out for me due to certain limitations, but I love the order total$ function. How hard would it be to extract that to be used with regular attributes?
  14. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Well I only meant to make it short and more clear for beginners as I stated on the instructions, and I apologize if you did not like me uploading the file. So long as you open the file using wordpad as I stressed in the instructions I don't see how that can possibly happen, in any case that file can be turned into an html file with little effort, I can do it if you think that will make it better. If you take the time to read the file you will see that I mention it as an optional edit, I didn't just remove that step. Before it was clearly saying the file should be edited when in fact it was already included with the supplied admin folder. Nothing was removed except upgrade notes and other general notes, you actually take the time to open both files side by side you will see how it sounds alot more coherent now. Anyway, it was not my intention to offend anyone, I just wanted to give something back to the community as I cannot code. I still think it's not bad at all. In any case I am sure thre is a way to request it to be removed.
  15. WEB11

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Ok so instead of whining I decided to do something about it. :D Before I attempted to install this contrib for the second time I went over the txt manual and edited with color codes and also removed all the uneeded notes for a fresh install. It turned out that I got it right this time and since I liked the results of the edit I made to the manual, I added it to the contrib page, I hope it helps other people like it helped me. I also found small mistakes that I corrected, like the change asked to be made to /catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/products_attributes.php. I Believe That change is not necessary as the products_attributes.php file included with the contrib already have the changes in it, the rest was just minor changes. All credit goes to Toasty, as he is the one who actually wrote the manual. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3610