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    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Install of UPSXML V1.02 on MS2.2 has the following error: 110000: XML Rating and Service Selection Service Unavailable Any modification necessary for the Ms2.2?
  2. I made changes according to the intruction and was closed to finish until I was stuck with this problem. The file,/includes/modules/default_specials.php, doesn't exist. Thank you for your reply in advance.
  3. I'm using surefire credit card payment contribution for payment via firepay. Firepay provides the CVD (credit card verification code) service. It seems the surefire contribution doesn't support this feature. Does anyone know if there is any surefire contribution with CVD feature or if there is any way to modify the existing Surefire module to include this feature? Thank you in advance for any positive feadbacks.