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  1. xilix

    Preauthorize with Authorize.net

    was there ever a solution for this?
  2. Hey guys, I've been trying to get the USPS thing wokring, i've read a bunch of posts and tried to get everything fixed up. So before any suggestions, here's what i got: 1. I got the Country and Zip Code in Admin/Shipping 2. I got weight on the item (testing only 1 right now) 3. I got my usps account in Production not Test 4. I even downloaded their program, ran it logged in and was able to check rates and all. UPS is working. And i'm still coming up with this error: "United States Postal Service United States Postal Service An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner." I've got orders comming in, and i got Flat Shipping rate going on for now.. but i really want to get the USPS thing going. Thanks in advance.
  3. xilix

    FedEx shipping contribution

    i'd like to know about this one too