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  1. Ok say you got an account with quickpay (bogus name) then you would install the quickpay contribution and then you would configure it and that is it. So before you set up an account make sure osc supports that gateway.
  2. Instead of addressing a post directly to a person you can send a Private message.
  3. Looks ok to me what problems are you having?
  4. There are different rules in different countries for accepting credit cards. In my country (canada) you need to have a merchant account with a credit card processor. The more reputable your business is the better deal you will get. I would google "credit card payment gateway (and you country)" and you should find out who operates in your country. It is possible some of these companies operate beyond borders.
  5. Funny I found this thread in about one minute using google to search oscommerce forums. It has the answer to your question. You might want to read this to get better search results:
  6. You can not add tags manually without adding HTC. I would recommend adding the contribution then you can.
  7. What image? The logo? A header image? A banner? Post a link to the page and tell us specifically what you want to do.
  8. It is normal for the session id to be in the url. It should dissappear after several clicks.
  9. Your path to admin is wrong. It should be (assuming your path to catalog is correct): /var/www/ and define('DIR_FS_ADMIN', '/htdocs/catalog/admin/'); // absolute path required Your shop is set up in a folder called catalog right?
  10. What google module? Can you be more specific? :blush:
  11. Do you know which product the guy was trying to sample?
  12. I don't think that is happening now. Ususally it streams really well. You could try it with the player imbedded in the page.
  13. You need to become with familiar with the way php and oscommerce works. You can start here.
  14. Seems to be working. What makes you think this is a server issue? Could it not be that people are getting confused by the pop up player or perhaps it is being blocked from opening.
  15. To get good rates from credit card companies you first need become a good customer. My first company gave me 3.9% and after a couple of years of processing many payments I was able to shop around and now I am paying less than 2%. At first I think Paypall gives the best rate to unknown businesses.