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  1. I was going to give the IPN another shot today and low and behold Jeffrey Wilke had just released a new version yesterday. I am not the developer of this hack and can not provide support for it, but since no seems to be able to get IPN to work, I thought I should point some users this way. The contrib is not complicated like the others and it is bone dry simple, you touch absolutely nothing in osCommerce. Setup the config file and goto paypal and setup IPN to point to the paypalipn.php included in the zip file. To setup IPN at paypal, I goto "Merchant Tools" on the top, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Instant Payment Notification", click on "Technical Overview", and finally in the article in the first paragraph click on "Start using IPN". Turn it on and set the full url to http://yoursite.com/catalog/paypalipn.php Now from what I have tested is that all the paypalipn.php script does is verify the order and set it as a pending order in your cart, so once they hit the pay button, it will show up in the cart. In other words, it gets rid of the dreaded, user doesn't click all the buttons at paypal so you only get their money and no invoice. So here is the contrib, I hope all of you that are looking for the bare essentials find this as simple as I did when the others were cumbersome and didn't actually work. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1466 or direct download http://oscommerce.sunsite.dk/contributions...NGateway_02.zip http://www.oscommerce.com/contributions/Pa...NGateway_02.zip
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    Greg - Great support on this item, I can't believe it, someone that responds to IPN questions :) I installed this on two sites and 1 is perfect and the other is almost perfect but when I click the continue button from paypal, I get this error. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/virtual/site19/fst/var/www/html/shop/includes/modules/payment/paypal.php on line 141 This is the error that is supposed to email me saying there was a communication error. Line 141 is this below $ipn->send_email('Invalid Customer Transaction',$msg); What is odd is that the IPN works great, I get three emails confirming the order before I click the continue in paypal and it shows up in the cart as well. Just this odd error. Do you have any ideas?
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    Abandoned Carts

    Thank you, I am happily using the version on the front page with selected days to look back. It gives me the info that I desire and how much easier can it get than plug-n-play. Thank you for taking the time, it is a very useful tool.
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    Paypal IPN that worked

    Well low an behold, it doesn't work anymore on both the sites I set it up on. It used to be when you hit the pay button in paypal it was sent to the cart as well. Now it is only done again with the contiune button after that screen. I think PayPal changed something. Why on earth can osC not have an IPN that works?
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    PayPal IPN v0.97 released

    Interesting, I turned off cURL and now I have different results. 1. When going to paypal page to pay, adds order and makes status Paypal Pending 2. When order is paid, the stock is changed, but the order is no longer in orders (All Orders, is selected), it just disappears, but it is being shown in the paypal ipn transaction, and no addresses are sent in the email to me but show up in the transaction details in paypal ipn. Basically I need to know where the order disappeared to so I can print out the invoice and update them when it is shipped.
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    PayPal IPN v0.97 released

    And it doesn't clear the cart when I come back from paypal from clicking the contiune button.
  7. Joor

    PayPal IPN v0.97 released

    installed on a fresh 2.2 milestone 1 and 0.971 of PayPal IPN and doesn't work. It Does: 1. Add order to admin when user leaves for paypal with status of "Paypal Pending" It Doesn't: 1. Change status from Paypal Pending 2. If I make order and goto paypal, turn testing on in admin, run test_ipn with orderID, I get email an email, order is just gone in admin, and stock is not deducted. 3. Run it like a regular order, pay at paypal, cart isn't notified of payment, status stay paypal pending, and no order email is sent. (I used the default http://www.kinetixrc.com/catalog/paypal_notify.php which is accurate on paypal ipn section). I am back to the stock paypal for now.