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  1. Hi all, QTpro work like a charm for me but I have the following issue: I also have Advanced Search - Attributes and when searching from advanced search I receive results of products are out of stock. Ive tried to add a Check Box to advanced_searh.php saying Only Show Products in Stock and controling the tables products_stock but without sucsess... Im i going in the right direction at least? Regards!!
  2. Hi. some help please ;) Im tring to upload a .csv file using Easy Populate 3.02-MS2 & Extra Fields, but my products have more than 26 extra fields and my provaider gives me a text file with this formt: A,B100094 ,TRUST COMPUTER ,13585 ,8713439135855,0871,PORTABLE HEADSET ACCS,80B ,000000.06,0000.06,0000.14,0000.18,C,Y,STD , , , , ,000000,000000, , ,00000000,0000004.17,06/08/10,EUR where every item sould be an extra field. By adding the following to a .csv file when importing I get ONE exra field added, but I need to be able to update up to 30 extra field by product. I would like to just add this code 30 times at the end but when I add just one more it only updates the last extra field. Ive tried editing the code in easypopulate_functions.php so when looping the products_to_products_extra_fields table it updates more than one, but no luck ;( v_products_model v_products_extra_fields_name v_products_extra_fields_id v_products_extra_fields_value EOREOR MG200MMS SKU 2 4 EOREOR // first do product extra fields if (isset($items[$filelayout['v_products_extra_fields_id']]) ){ $v_products_model = $items[$filelayout['v_products_model']]; // EP for product extra fields Contrib by minhmaster DEVSOFTVN ========== $v_products_extra_fields_id = $items[$filelayout['v_products_extra_fields_id']]; // $v_products_id = $items[$filelayout['v_products_id']]; $v_products_extra_fields_value = $items[$filelayout['v_products_extra_fields_value']]; $sql = "SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." as p WHERE p.products_model = '" . $v_products_model . "'"; $result = tep_db_query($sql); $row = tep_db_fetch_array($result); $sql_exist = "SELECT products_extra_fields_value FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS. " WHERE (products_id ='".$row['v_products_id']. "') AND (products_extra_fields_id ='".$v_products_extra_fields_id ."')"; if (tep_db_num_rows(tep_db_query($sql_exist)) > 0) { $sql_extra_field = "UPDATE ".TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS." SET products_extra_fields_value='".$v_products_extra_fields_value."' WHERE (products_id ='". $row['v_products_id'] . "') AND (products_extra_fields_id ='".$v_products_extra_fields_id ."')"; $str_err_report= " $v_products_extra_fields_id | $v_products_id | $v_products_model | $v_products_extra_fields_value | <b><font color=black>Product Extra Fields Updated</font></b><br />"; } else { $sql_extra_field = "INSERT INTO ".TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS."(products_id,products_extra_fields_id,products_extra_fields_value) VALUES ('". $row['v_products_id'] ."','".$v_products_extra_fields_id."','".$v_products_extra_fields_value."')"; $str_err_report= " $v_products_extra_fields_id | $v_products_id | $v_products_model | $v_products_extra_fields_value | <b><font color=green>Product Extra Fields Inserted</font></b><br />"; } $result = tep_db_query($sql_extra_field); echo $str_err_report; // end (EP for product extra fields Contrib by minhmt DEVSOFTVN) ============