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  1. Same problem with UPS and USPS still splits packaging. Say someone ordere 140 cases it will change ti to 70 cases. is there a way to change this if ($shipping_weight > SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT) { // Split into many boxes $shipping_num_boxes = ceil($shipping_weight/SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT); $shipping_weight = $shipping_weight/$shipping_num_boxes; so that it just adds 1 box for each item orderd from the shop?
  2. I have the same problem on a store and no-one in this forum knows the answer to the question or at least I haven't found any specific nail downs to the issue. One area said to use the access key not the developers key. I have't tried that yet since you have to get an access key from ups and they recommend testing with a developers key first. Other area say to change something but do not tell were. guess we can search in every file in the module and change it to see it it does anything. ceil($order->info['subtotal']) to True, you made it into a function, add global $order; as the first line in that function. but they didn't say how to change that. I would guess it would need to be ceil(global $order->info['subtotal']) Lots of luck finding a specific answer to the issue. Good Luck getting UPS to even verify that the key has been activated
  3. When using the suggested sort order Sub-total - Sort order = 1 Shipping - Sort order = 2 Tax - Sort order = 3 Gift Voucher - Sort order = 9 Discount Coupons - Sort Order =740 Total - Sort Order = 900 The Coupon is set as a 100 coupon and subtract the Sub Total amount. Sub-Total: $68.00 United Parcel Service (1 x 22lbs) (Ground): $8.67 Tax Rate: $4.76 Discount Coupons:9b7e9b: -$68.00 Total: $13.43 If I move the Discount Coupon below the total it shows -100 and does not subtract fromt he total amount.
  4. After installing Login for Price you can still see the price after you add an item to the cart and view the cart contents. Any ideas on what needs to be added to the shoppingcart.php file to stop price total from showing.