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  1. SCOREBOARD for 2.3

    Hi, We wanted to allocate certain amount of 1 product from our store for charity (100% sales generated from the product, if any). Anyone know how to add a scoreboard box in osc for public to view as date the total units sold for that product. Thanks
  2. Error!!!

    Hi, did your problem solved? I facing the same problem as u. Regards waislau
  3. Need help w/ CCGV 5.18

    I just installed the same version as you, 1st time i installed i facing a lot of problem, after a few try and checking I managed to ractify all and now run very smooth. I think you did not amend all the files. Check again. regards wais
  4. Xsell Help Needed

    Hi, James I have the same problem as you have, the message appear in my payment module it doesn't affect my store operation so I just ignore it. But if you have any solution please share it with me. Thanks wais