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  1. OSNewIsh

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Hi, Does this contibution compare words in a description page with a predefined list which has a URL to the product. I want to have auto internal catalog links when creating descriptions. I want to type in a description and when a certain word comes up e.g. Ford Mustang, it creates a link out of the words Ford Mustang and points the link to the Ford Mustang page. If not then does anyone know of an alternative.
  2. OSNewIsh

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, We have used the froogle feeder to upload to froogle but we understand it that the feeder does not delete old feeds and just apends to the text file. We used the 'w' command (overwirte) but it only then writes part of the output to the text file. We then tried unlink but we cant get that working properly either. 1. Does the froogle.php file really apend to the initial feed? 2. How can we delete previous feed? Below is the code we are trying but we cant get it working with either way: $return=@unlink($OutFile); echo "Return values=".$FileExists; var_dump($return); if(file_exists($OutFile)) unlink($OutFile); if(is_file($OutFile)) unlink($OutFile); All help will be much appriciated.
  3. OSNewIsh

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Sorry to ask a thick question but does this contribution only feed to Froogle or does it feed to other comparison sites? I see the first page of this thread mentions others like Yahoo, Amazon etc. but I cant see any mention of these in the download. Thanks in advance.