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  1. [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    Not sure why I can't add this to the Original addon, but just a little adaption for PHP 7.2 and Dutch language files oscom-product-sort-within-category-bs-php72.zip
  2. Mailchimp newsletter Everywhere add on

    Allready did that, but just wondering why it wasn't done in the addon it self.
  3. Mailchimp newsletter Everywhere add on

    Hi, Just out of curiosity..... Why not integrate mailchimp API in the create_account.php? Why would you have your anonymus visitors on mailchimp, and registered customers in osCommerce?
  4. Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0 need help

    Is there a way to add files outside of the admin root? I've added AJAX Attribute Manager (#4063) but all files are in their own (sub)folder. Or should I enter all sperate files in the database?
  5. Contribution Tracker

    Lildog, You're right, that's just what I meant. I've got over 150 contribs running in my shops. So eager to help you with testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :thumbsup:
  6. Contribution Tracker

    Hi lilboy, Thanks for replying. The thing is that I'm talking about contribs from the past. Lets say in contrib installed last in 2005 and has an update in 2006. What I now understand is that your contrib only works for updates that are now spread thrue the rss feeds. As the update of 2006 won't be spread through the rss feed, your contrib will not alert me for that update.
  7. Contribution Tracker

    Hi lildog, Will it work for older contributions to? I installed the contribution and added a contribution, I'm using, which I know has a newer version. But yr contribution, doesn't seem to "see it". Or does it only recognize new aditions when there are updated afteryr contribution is installed, and the contribution is scheduled to run each day with a cron job? A bit more information how it works would be great.....
  8. support thread for Lightbox v1.0 contribution

    Anyone already succeeded with useing movies/video's? I've seen it work here : http://digg.com/videos/ but still not found out how it's done.
  9. Forum of "Upload and discplay video extract"

    Sounds like a great contribution, but all I got is a white place holder, and nothing more :'( Anything special needed on the webserver?
  10. Multi images extra contribution

    Found the problem. In the installation instructions : j. catalog\admin\categories.php Step 7 after the installation of this contribution search for : $var_detete_image = "delete_image".$nb; and replace for : $var_delete_image = "delete_image".$nb;
  11. Multi images extra contribution

    When installing step 10, images can't be deleted anymore. But without step 10 images aren't saved to the database. Anyone knows how to solve this? Or, could someone place his working catalog\admin\categories.php file here?
  12. [CONTRIBUTION] product setup fee

    Hi edtiger, Great contrib. Altough some small thing goes wrong. The function attributes_setup_price needs to be placed in the general.php for me to have it working. Step xx : catalog/includes/functions/general.php Add this : function attributes_setup_price($products_id) { $attributes_setup_price = 0; if (isset($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'])) { reset($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes']); while (list($option, $value) = each($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'])) { $attribute_setup_price_query = tep_db_query("select options_values_price, price_prefix from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "' and options_id = '" . (int)$option . "' and options_values_id = '" . (int)$value . "'"); $attribute_setup_price = tep_db_fetch_array($attribute_setup_price_query); if ($attribute_setup_price['price_prefix'] == '+') { } else if ($attribute_setup_price['price_prefix'] == '#') { $attributes_setup_price += $attribute_setup_price['options_values_price']; } else { } } } return $attributes_setup_price; } //eof ///////////////////////////////// And when you add a product in the cart, the subtotal price is good, but the product price is actual price minus (-) the setup fee so instead of ie 100 + 10 it makes it 100 - 10. I haven't found the right place to look for it yet. So you might have a hint for me? Than I was wondering this. Could this contrib be adjusted, to not only charge the setup fee per product, but also per product group. So lets say when I buy 3 product from my supplier at x amout order fee. I want to charge my customer the order fee only once when they order either one on more of these 3 products? I've got MVS installed, so there's an Vendor known per product, also there's a order fee field in the MVS tabel. Now there only needs to be checked wether there are more products order from the same supplier. And as I'm not that good with PHP, I can't get this thing on the road, so a little help would be wonderfull. Thanks in advance, Dom?
  13. [CONTRIBUTION] product setup fee

    Edtiger, I was wondering, could this contribution also be used for a setup fee per Product group? so not only charging the setup fee fr one product only, but for a group of products from the same manufacturer or vendor?
  14. need a quick help with an order total module

    Hi, I'm still having troubles with the right calculation of the tax. This is what I now got : // Calculate tax group deductions $ratio1 = $f_deduct/$this->get_order_total(); $tod_amount = 0; reset($order->info['tax_groups']); while (list($key, $value) = each($order->info['tax_groups'])) { $god_amount = 0; $tax_rate = tep_get_tax_rate_from_desc($key); $net = $tax_rate * $order->info['tax_groups'][$key]; if ($net>0) { $ratio1 = ($tax_rate*$od_amount)/100; $god_amount = $ratio1; $tod_amount += $god_amount; $order->info['tax_groups'][$key] = $order->info['tax_groups'][$key] - $god_amount; } } } $od_amount = (round($amount*10)/10)*$od_pc/100; $order->info['tax'] -= $tod_amount; $order->info['total'] -= $tod_amount; $od_amount = $od_amount + $tod_amount; } return $od_amount; But it still calculates the tax amount over the whole subtotal and shippingcosts together. Instead of the subtotal - customer discount amount. Could someone point me in the right direction? Regards, Dom?
  15. Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Mibble : i guess you didnt understand what i said. currently the products_price field is defined as decimal 15,4 and you will have to define it differently Hi, I've looked at it in the database, but I don't get it what to change. You're right with the present setting of 15,4. But what do I need to change to have my shop use the , instead of the . for ? 30.00?