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  1. Thanks for the update Steve. Barry, I guess it is not desperate to collect the issue number, but it just adds another layer of hassle for offline processing if the customer forgets to put it in. My project is going live too soon for me to work on the facility, but I would be interested in developing or helping to develop this functionality at a later date. I'll pm you when I am in a position to look at it if that's OK. Thanks again for a life-saving contribution! jb
  2. Could it not be added at the second stage of verification - at the moment, if you do not enable Switch payments, your mod kicks up an error message saying something like "The card number you entered is a UK Switch. At the moment, we do not accept UK Switch". So you have verified that the card is a switch - could a check not be added at this stage for the issue number? I think this is in the cc_validation.php class.
  3. Hi Barry, Great mod - I'm not sure whether I have installed it correctly though. Should the Issue number be validated if a Switch card number is input? jb