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  1. tyrant

    Paypal not returning order - GUIDE

    I have read at least 20 posts in the last few days asking how to solve the problem below. I hope this simple guide is some use to people having difficult with paypal Problem Set up paypal but when orders are made paypal / my website dosnt record the products purchased etc. Soloution Log into PayPal. Click Profile. Under selling preferences click website payment preferences. change Auto Return to ON Set your return URL as follows: http://www.Yourwebsite.com/checkout_process.php Payment data transfer: ON then save your settings. Now when an order is made, a call back is sent to your checkout_process.php to record the order and send the emails etc. Thanks Mr - T.
  2. tyrant

    Digest Code

    Guys can anyone explain how to generate a Digest code.... It appears to have three factors.. 1, Osc_ID 2, Order Value 3, Digest password... then MD5 I am sooo lost by all this even a way to blank out this request would be acceptable :)
  3. tyrant

    SECPay the Work of the Devil

    Folks can anyone help... SECpay - Payments get deducted from credit/ debt card account. Howvere it returns users to the wrong page and shows error. It then dosnt record the order... can anyone provide a guide to egtting it working... I would be soooo pleased. This problem is breaking my heart.. I have spent hours looking into it.. Appears to be something to do with the digest number... Anyone ????
  4. tyrant

    SECPay HEelp Needed

    Why does no one ever help out with the SEC pay problem... this is like the 20th Post i have read and so far no answers from anyone :( If you can help and your out there please do so :D