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  1. bradb007

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks for the advice :) I removed the registered symbol as stated earlier in the post. That seemed to clear up some of the the issues I've bee having. I hope that little buggy is cleared up too. For my knowledge, what happens if UPS's server doesn't respond? Thanks, Brad
  2. bradb007

    Linkpoint wrapper

    Jen, You emailed me a question earlier regarding the linkpoint module. My contribution is actually the linkpoint "basic" module without the wrapper needed. I would recommend using the module you have listed above since using the wrapper is preferable. When I originally wrote my contribution last year the php wrapper was $95, which could be as much as the entire cost of yearly webhosting for some, and certainly seemed steep to me. As to your question I don't use the wrapper enabled module so unfortunateoly I can't help you with that. Thanks, Brad
  3. I have seen this problem, but don't use gift vouchers so I never worried about it. Just a confirmation post that it happens to me as well.
  4. bradb007

    Linkpoint Basic no wrapper needed.

    I've been working on updating the module with for the new checkout code. Linkpoint basic is very easy especially with the authorizenet as a guide. A few hours of changing field names to match the basic manual and you can have it functioning. The big hurdle is passing the osCid during checkout as a post instead of the default get, as Linkpoint will not accept a connection from a dynamic page (ie anything with a ?osCid= constantly changing). I believe the switch for this is in application_top.php. Hope this helps Brad
  5. I modified the authorize.net module to work with Linkpoint Basic. This means you don't have to buy the $95 wrapper. I don't know if others are interested in seeing this contribution. I'm just a newbie to oscommerce and not a programmer so I wasn't going to take the time to clean my code up if no-one is interested. Brad if interested email me without "NOSPAM": bradjrNOSPAM@coretexproducts.com