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  1. Hello all, I wish to have a minimum order vale just for EU countries - in my cart I have that as Zone 2. I would like to only allow checkout over £200 value. Is this possible with an add-on?
  2. rgvsean

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    My site has started throwing up the warning to customers: Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again. This started happening 18 Feb 20 Payment is received and I can still see the order but it not set to the correct status. I will have to upgrade too - can someone explain the alteration required to the crt file?
  3. rgvsean

    PayPal Standard Problem 2.3.3

    Hope someone can help - I've been trying for hours. OSCommerce 2.3.3 PayPal Standard v1.1 as included in shop Server running php5.4 Place and order on the shop and hit checkout - customer taken to paypal to pay. Behind the scenes paypal is set to auto return to www.<mydomain.co.uk>/store/checkout_succcess.php Payment is taken and paypal returns to store. Order is captured. HOWEVER..... this is the issue; the customer ends up back at the shopping cart with a message in a red bar saying Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again. So because they get this message they try again and this is where it is a problem - customer loses confidence in site. Does this red bar message give any clues to where I need to look?
  4. Sorry I've not been around to answer on these questions but I doubt I could have helped. I am not a programmer I just had a stab at it as there wasn't much help available. That looks like great work Peter :thumbsup:
  5. rgvsean

    does it still work

    There doesn't seem to be much activity in this part of the forum but World Pay Junior contrib works with minor tweaks. (Don't send the comma to RBS basically) Not sure on the difference between Junior and the 4.0 TBH. As long as the money rolls in lol
  6. Nor me lol I just figured if RBS are collecting the code for the button from there I'll drop it right next to it. Lucky guess really :blush: You could get rid of the button but it's a good back up I think :) I also checked with RBS that it will continue to work after their changes planned for end of this month and they said it would.
  7. I used your button code and added some to get this: What this does is give a link to press, and warn about a possible redirect. The auto redirect works in 4 seconds (content="4;) and causes all the updates and e-mails. You must have customer response enabled and have http://.........................................junior_callback as the response URL. I hope this helps someone.
  8. I've now managed to get a working solution to this problem. With whitelisting on. Will post up the code you need to put into junior_calback later, when I get home.
  9. rgvsean

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    Normally when you install a payment module you then have to log into admin and "Install" it or activate it there too.
  10. rgvsean

    META Refresh Code

    I'm going to try RBS Meta Refresh solution to improve the callback. They've said it will work with whitelisting on. Where should I place this code please? META http-equiv="refresh" content ="1;URL=http://www..........................com/callback.php?status=<wpdisplay item=trans blah blah blah>"> thanks Sean
  11. rgvsean

    RBS WorldPay

    RBS have gotback to confirm that my transx are failing due to a "non numerical character" so how can I get my shop to send a "pure" number and why doesn't anyone else seem to have this trouble? I've taken the comma out of the admin section so all my invoices etc show: £2456.98 Rather than £2,456.98 but it seems this format is still being sent. Note the decimal point is NOT a problem as it works fine at say £999.99 Please help, I've looked everywhere but of course each PHP page is littered with commas :blink:
  12. rgvsean

    RBS WorldPay

    Ok it's definatley failing only over £999 Any ideas? Please?
  13. Ah great, so callback pulls the button code out of junior_callback and then the button sends you back to the cart, completing the whole process. That's brilliant. Thank you. A nice image should ensure customers are encouraged to click, the link on it's own looks a little lost.
  14. rgvsean

    RBS WorldPay

    Ok, I've been testing at below £100 and they tested over £1000 which formated like £1,234 so it could be the comma? I also found the following info: The most likely cause of errors is a format error in the amount field, e.g GBP 12.00 should be specified as amount=1200, exponent=2, currency=GBP rather then amount=12.00 Amounts should be specified without a decimal point. Please also see our documentation: http://www.rbsworldpay.com/support/gg/index.php?page=guides <amount currencyCode='GBP' exponent='2' value='6200'/> Indicates an amount of 62 British Pounds. Any idea where I should look to alter this code? Which page sends to worldpay from junior contrib? Thanks (if anyone uses this part of the forum :lol: )
  15. rgvsean

    RBS WorldPay

    Hi guys, have submitted my application to go live which has failed due to the following: "The information sent from the merchant's site is inavlid or incomplete. The transaction cannot be processed bla blah....... * The currency or amount is not recognised. " When I've done my own tests this all goes through fine. :blink: Any ideas while I wait for RBS to provide useful feedback?????