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  1. Ok. They seemed to work other than that, so I really wasn't expecting it to be a compatibility issue. I figured I was just trying to get it to do something it wasn't intended to do. Thanks
  2. I have Phoenix Edition v1.0.7.10 with only PWA Guest checkout, Ship in cart, and Discount code (with guest turned on). All are the latest versions. I noticed that when you enter anything in the Discount code box while in the shopping cart page before signing in, that the box will turn to read only and the cog will spin and it will never verify the code as good or bad. If you enter a correct code it will show up after logging in and will apply correctly. And if you are signed in, it will work correctly on the shopping cart page. I assume the function that tests the inputed code gets stuck in the middle if there is no customer id but I am not proficient enough in coding to figure out where the issue is happening to 'fix' the problem. Is there anyone who could help or point me in the right direction?