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  1. Hi all, is there no-one who can point me in the right direction? I can't use it like this <_< here is how it looks like on customers side (note that I placed a discount of € 5 euro as mentioned above) Thanks in advance! Brgds Geeraard
  2. Hi all, is there no-one who can point me in the right direction? I can't use it like this <_< Thanks in advance! Brgds Geeraard
  3. Hi all, I have this contribution running now. I have a question for a change that I believe might be interesting: When I select now in admin that the invitation box is shown, but that only registered customers can join the prize draw, than the guests don't get to see the prize draw invitation box. I would like that in this case the guests do get to see the prize draw invitation box but that when they like to enter it they got first redirected to the login page where they can create an account and than join the prize draw. B) Can some-one assist me on this? Many thanks Best regards Geeraard
  4. Johnny, You tha Man ! :lol: It looks like I placed the '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_STATS_PRIZE_DRAW, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_REPORTS_PRIZE_DRAW . '</a><br>');//end contest mod in the wrong place in the reports.php file I will now test it intensively before I go live, but it looks great! Thanks a lot! Brgds Small Craft
  5. Hi All, Amanda, great contribution, thanks for making it! :lol: I have a problem with it though, and I couldn't find the sollution so far: When I set a together discount of eg. 5 euros (if you buy A + B you get 5 euro discount), it shows perfect in Admin and in checkout_confirmation, however in product_info it adds a little extra to the discount (eg. 5,04 euro) I've tried re-arranging the order total modules without effect. Can anny-one help me with this please? Many thanks! Best regards
  6. I'm going to have to re-install the whole contribution, I'll let you know how it went. Brgds
  7. Hi all, I have the below problem with this contri: In admin, I have in the column "configuration" the "competitions" page, where I can alter the details of a competition. Now if I understand correctly, I should also see some page "prise draw" (?) in the "Reports" section in admin, however, I don't have this page, Hence I cannot see or edit who entered the competitions. Can any one help me on this pls? Many thanks! Best regards Small Craft
  8. This message means that you have no includes/column_left.php file on your server. You should place it on there to remove this message. Best regards Small Craft
  9. I do believe it would be possible by adding an extra database table in the products table where you can add xtra points rewarded. This than has to be linked to the complete redemption system off course :blink: Unfortunatly I lack the programming skills to do this <_< Brgds Small Craft
  10. I think we're talking about two different things here. The question was, can the programme be made so that you can award extra points to certain products (and not by adding them manualy via admin B) ) Best regards
  11. Is there any-one who has had the same problem and found a solution? Best regards Small Craft
  12. thats the question :rolleyes:
  13. Hi all, can some-one explain to me how I can create multilingual alerts, because now they are only in english and I would like to have them in dutch and french as wel. Thanks in advance! Best regards Geeraard
  14. This is a great idea, which I had myself as well for a while now. What also would be great is that you can add extra points to certain products. All ideas are welcome :lol: Brgds Small Craft
  15. Hi all, Amanda, It has been quite a while since I worked on this problem (I first had to tackle a few other things ;) ) However, now its time to look into this again. Does any-one have an idea why the "also purchased" result is empty (when clicking on it) Also I still need to get the Cookie thing working <_< Thanks all! Best regards Small Craft