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  1. jonyp


    I have run the script, but when I went to run it the second time I got an error message, saying that "coupon_email_track" table already exist. Looks like it wouldnt have progress through the rest. I'll extract the part from the sql file which refers to the configuration, and run it as a seperate query, Will that effect the operation of the GV system ?? ie. if I were to run each query individually, will it ignore the query if that ran correctly the first time round. Cheers guys, JP
  2. jonyp


    GREAT contrib and GREAT support :thumbsup: got it upnrunning to a treat only drama is that I dont seem to have the "Welcome Gift Voucher Amount" and/or fields in the Configuration -> My Store It sends an email with all the text but no voucher details. I have removed the text from the php page till I get it figured Any ideas ?? JP
  3. jonyp

    Payment method fee 2.1

    Got this module working, but it doesnt seem to add the Fixed Payment Type Charge: value to the Total Your thoughts