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  1. I jsut downloaded the ZIP from the site and installed osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051113.


    Unfortunately, there is no


    in the ZIP. However, there is a



    Is it okay to copy that to the lower folder and use it?



  2. I just installed this (v 4.4 MS 2.2) and am having a bit of a problem. I have uploaded the files, as well as making the modifications to the files and the db. However, whenever I click on All Products, or navigate to allprods.php, nothing happens. All it does is redirect back to index.php. Any ideas?




    Never mind. I was examining the SQL a bit more, and that's when it hit me that there's probably a flag in the admin control panel that I needed to flip. Indeed there was. DOH!

  3. First off I would also like to say this contribution kicks AS*!!! thumbsup.gif


    I beleive that I have 99% of it is working.


    When I use the categories.php page to edit the tags for a catagory it does not update the Database.


    I do not receive any error either?

    Are you saying that if you were to look at the database, that the fields are not populated? Or, are you saying that some fields do not appear populated when viewing your store?

  4. I don't know what to suggest. It sounds like you did everything correctly and the problem should be the categories.php file. But if you replaced that and it didn't work, then I don't know what else to suggest other than digging into the code or possible creating a test site with just new files and the ones from the contribuiton so that only Header Tags is installed. It would have to work at that point and you could try swapping things until the problem was isolated.



    Well, since I'm making this site for a friend, I'm probably just going to leave it at the original categories.php, and just tell him that once he's added/edited a product, to go and populate the fields. I think that will make more sense to him.


    Thanks a bunch for your help!

  5. You could try adding the name while in the database. If it displays properly in the shop, then that will at least cut the possible causes of the problem in half. If it doesn't display properly, then there is a problem in your shop files (as opposed to the admin files). If it does display properly, then the problem is in the admin files. And that takes you back to the categories.php file since that is what controls updating the database. Try replacing the categories file with a stock one, or your original one if you have it. If that works, then you will need to continue working on it to isolate the problem.



    Thus enters why I am confused. I manually added the text into the DB, and the text is displayed in the catalog just fine. However, I am copying over the admin\categories.php file into admin\categories.php from the "catalog_for_new_shop_only" folder. Just to make sure, I delete admin\categories.php from the website to make sure that the file is uploaded properly. I then try to edit a product, and it still doesn't display the product name. I don't even see it when you click on the Preview button after typing in all that stuff. So, I look at the source of the Preview page, and I see this in the form name="update_product" section

    <input type="hidden" name="products_name[1]">

    I see where there isn't a value= section in it.


    So, I go and download a new osCommerce package because I didn't keep it. I upload that admin\categories.php file into the admin directory. I then add a new product, and the title gets put on the Preview page correctly, as well as in the db, and thus on the catalog page.


    I am trying to use HeaderTags_V_2.5.8. Does that help clarify what's wrong? Or do I just need to keep with the original categories.php and Fill Tags whenever I create a new product?

  6. I'm on a relatively new installation, so I just uploaded all the files in "catalog_for_new_shop_only" again. However, the problem still exists. So, I went into phpMyAdmin and made sure that all the fields that were supposed to be created in header.sql were done. I went through the install documentation and made sure that the file changes were made. However, still it doesn't display properly.


    For giggles, I went intot he db. For any new product or product that I've edited since Headers installation, I noticed that products_description.products_name in blank. Does that help any?

  7. I got in touch with icustomercare@USPS. Since USPS changed the way this works, here is what new people have to do to get the module to work in osCommerce:

    1. Sign up for a Web Tools account at USPS
    2. Turn right around and contact USPS and ask for this account to be activated and put into Production.
    3. Open "includes\modules\shipping\usps.php". Look for "$api_dll = 'ShippingAPITest.dll';" and change it to "$api_dll = 'ShippingAPI.dll';"
    4. Run a test, and once it works, go to the module in Admin and select the Production box to place things in production.

    #2 might not have to be done then, but it's pretty much what I did, and everything works.

  8. An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.
    If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


    I got this whether I had the password section populated or not. I do have the Test radial button selected. Any ideas what the problem is?

  9. Seems like they may have changed how things work:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The current documentation refers to a password. Please ignore all references to password in the documentation. Password is no longer used or required.


    Your Web Tools User ID to integrate USPS Web Tools is provided above.

    So, I guess I should just blank out the password section?

  10. When we registered at USPS.com for access, it gave me a Web Tools User ID, but the module seems to be asking for something else. Or, if this user id is the one that I was given, I don't remember entering a password for this. Can someone please point me in the right direction?