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  1. Our site has a couple different redirects from different domains we own. The redirects are based on common searches. Eg, if our site is called "all-kinds-of-jackets" and one of the urls that redirects is "denim-jackets.com" Up until recently, denim-jackets just redirected, and there were no files at all associated. However, due to recent google changes, we now have actual domains and files for these. In our case, the main store is in the root, with "denim-jackets" a sub directory with name records pointing denim-jackets.com to it. What I would like to do is add a second index.php that replicates the one in the root store, - and if possible default to the "denim-jackets" product page, then when anything is selected on that page, you are just taken to the store in the root. Is there an easy way to do this? I tried to move index.php and includes/configure.php to now avail. by the way, all-kinds-of-jackets and denim-jackets are made up for this example
  2. Thank you for the reply The original redirect was a masked redirect from Go-Daddy. "Denim Jackets" was only a URL with no site at all. The reason for the change is that google is now requiring a site to crawl in order to appear on search results. Without this, even if someone typed in "denim jackets", the site would not appear in the results. Ideally, we don't create a static page that simply says "click here for "denim jackets", but it is either the main page, or a category page of the main site. Now that I think about it, and ht-redirect might work. I don't know off-hand how google handles that, but that might be something to check
  3. Is there a shipping insurance add-on for 2.3. Attempted the one for 2.2 with expected results. It will not load.
  4. Avec

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Installed order_editor_for2.3_v1.0 and have two different problems that make it unusable. 1. With Ajax turned on, the email notification sent with order status change does not include the order status. Email says "your order status has been changed to: " (that is blank.) 2. With Ajax turned off, if customer has selected shipping insurance, and has been charged for it, that charge does not appear in the order once pulled up in edit_order.php. Verified it is in the database before selecting to edit, and shows as $0.00 when page is opened, and any changes to shipping insurance are not being updated to database. I have spent a good deal of time trying to figure out the causes, but so far have not found it (them) Any help would be appreciated.
  5. It was this one http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8327/v,23 , Two quick questions about the module. What do each of N C S H stand for and is there a place for the module to show estimated delivery time? Thanks again
  6. I installed the USPS.php file for osc2.2 on my 2.3 store and it works. Odd that the USPS.php for 2.3 does not work for 2.3. Whatever. Thanks for your help.
  7. i do not have that exact code in the module/shipping/USPS.php file. The code I have is: $body = preg_replace(array('/\<sup\>\&reg;\<\/sup\>/', '/\<sup\>\&trade;\<\/sup\>/', '/\" /', '/\",/', '/\"<br>/', '/<br>/'), array('RM', 'TM', '",', '" ', '"<br>', 'BREAK'), htmlspecialchars_decode($http->getBody())); I double checked Most current version of the add-on as well as one version back, and they are the same. If I replace this code with the code you suggested, I get nothing. The email body, and therefore $body is empty.
  8. <?xml version="1.0",encoding="UTF-8"?> <RateV4Response><Package ID="0"><ZipOrigination>46077</ZipOrigination><ZipDestination>46077</ZipDestination><Pounds>1</Pounds><Ounces>2</Ounces><Container>VARIABLE</Container><Size>REGULAR</Size><Zone>1</Zone><Postage CLASSID="1"><MailService>Priority Mail 1-Day<sup>™</sup></MailService><Rate>5.80</Rate><CommercialRate>5.32</CommercialRate><SpecialServices><SpecialService><ServiceID>9</ServiceID><ServiceName>Certificate of Mailing</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>1.30</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>1</ServiceID><ServiceName>Insurance</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>2.10</Price><PriceOnline>2.10</PriceOnline><DeclaredValueRequired>true</DeclaredValueRequired><DueSenderRequired>false</DueSenderRequired></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>5</ServiceID><ServiceName>Registered Mail<sup>™</sup></ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>11.95</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline><DeclaredValueRequired>true</DeclaredValueRequired><DueSenderRequired>false</DueSenderRequired></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>4</ServiceID><ServiceName>Registered without Insurance</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>11.95</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>0</ServiceID><ServiceName>Certified Mail<sup>®</sup></ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>3.30</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>13</ServiceID><ServiceName>USPS Tracking<sup>™</sup></ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0.00</Price><PriceOnline>0.00</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>7</ServiceID><ServiceName>Return Receipt for Merchandise</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>4.40</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>15</ServiceID><ServiceName>Signature Confirmation<sup>™</sup></ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>2.90</Price><PriceOnline>2.35</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>19</ServiceID><ServiceName>Adult Signature Required</ServiceName><Available>false</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0</Price><PriceOnline>5.20</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>20</ServiceID><ServiceName>Adult Signature Restricted Delivery</ServiceName><Available>false</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0</Price><PriceOnline>5.45</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>6</ServiceID><ServiceName>Collect on Delivery</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>6.95</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline><DeclaredValueRequired>true</DeclaredValueRequired><DueSenderRequired>true</DueSenderRequired></SpecialService></SpecialServices></Postage></Package><Package ID="1"><ZipOrigination>46077</ZipOrigination><ZipDestination>46077</ZipDestination><Pounds>1</Pounds><Ounces>2</Ounces><Container>VARIABLE</Container><Size>REGULAR</Size><Zone>1</Zone><Postage CLASSID="3"><MailService>Priority Mail Express 1-Day<sup>™</sup></MailService><Rate>19.15</Rate><CommercialRate>15.58</CommercialRate><SpecialServices><SpecialService><ServiceID>11</ServiceID><ServiceName>Priority Mail Express Insurance</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>1.00</Price><PriceOnline>1.00</PriceOnline><DeclaredValueRequired>true</DeclaredValueRequired><DueSenderRequired>false</DueSenderRequired></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>8</ServiceID><ServiceName>Return Receipt</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>2.70</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>19</ServiceID><ServiceName>Adult Signature Required</ServiceName><Available>false</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0</Price><PriceOnline>5.20</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>20</ServiceID><ServiceName>Adult Signature Restricted Delivery</ServiceName><Available>false</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0</Price><PriceOnline>5.45</PriceOnline></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>6</ServiceID><ServiceName>Collect on Delivery</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>false</AvailableOnline><Price>6.95</Price><PriceOnline>0</PriceOnline><DeclaredValueRequired>true</DeclaredValueRequired><DueSenderRequired>true</DueSenderRequired></SpecialService><SpecialService><ServiceID>200</ServiceID><ServiceName>Priority Mail Express 1030 AM Delivery</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>5.00</Price><PriceOnline>5.00</PriceOnline></SpecialService></SpecialServices></Postage></Package></RateV4Response>
  9. I have fought with USPS Rate V4 for hours and it will not display the shipping costs on checkout_shipping. I have inserted my email in the module USPS.php and receive the email with information as sent from USPS production server, but no setting I have tried in admin/modules will have the information show on the checkout shipping page. I have gone to the checkout_shipping.php file included in the add-on, and still nothing presents. Someone mention that I am not on the production server. The USPS account being used was a fully functioning account prior to a recent USPS change. Due to the frequent issues caused by USPS, it was decided to go with just zonal shipping until things calmed down. Now, I am redoing the site and am trying to get this add-on working again. Thanks in advance I should note that when installing and / or enabling other shipping modules they do appear correctly. It is just the USPS one that does not show up.
  10. I have fought with USPS Rate V4 for hours and it will not display the shipping costs on checkout_shipping. I have inserted my email in the module USPS.php and receive the email with information as sent from USPS production server, but no setting I have tried in admin/modules will have the information show on the checkout shipping page. Does anyone have any ideas or an add-on that does work? Thanks in advance -Edit- I should note that when installing and / or enabling other shipping modules they do appear correctly. It is just the USPS one that does not show up.
  11. Avec

    Shipping Insurance option?

    Awesome work. Thank you
  12. How difficult would it be to allow the customer to select insurance or not? It appears that insurance is either forced on or forced off globally.
  13. Anything? Bueller? Bueller?
  14. Newest version of contribution (4.6) on RC1
  15. Upgrading from very old STS contribution. To test, I copied the clean install files to a development directory to get it running before migrating to the live store. Admin works fine, installing the module, but the catalog is jacked. With STS set to false, I see the normal index.php. When set to true, I see basically nothing. Here is the source code for the page I see. <!-- whats_new //--> <tr> <td> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td height="14" class="infoBoxHeading"><img src="deve/images/pixel_trans.gif" border="0" alt=""></td> <td width="100%" height="14" class="infoBoxHeading">What's New?</td> <td height="14" class="infoBoxHeading" nowrap><a href="http://www.rosegardenboutique.com/deve/products_new.php"><u>Click for More!</u></a><img src="deve/images/pixel_trans.gif" border="0" alt="" width="11" height="14"></td> </tr> </table> I am seeing a single box. That is it. I have confirmed that I have copied all of the files to correct location, but it is not working as it should. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  16. When there is a problem with credit card validation, such as incorrect number (check sum), there is supposed to be a general error message and a detail message based on what shows up in the URL. Here is the code from includes/modules/payment/cc_cvv2.php function get_error() { $error = array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_CVV2_TEXT_ERROR, 'error' => stripslashes(urldecode($_GET['error']))); The title portion works, pulling the text as prescribed. The error part does not work. An example of the URL is: https://www.mysite.com/checkout_payment.php?payment_error=cc&error=Unable+to+match+the+credit+card+number+given+with+any+known+type+of+credit+card.&cc_owner=Tom+Synder&cc_expires_month=01&cc_expires_year=13 Any help appreciated.
  17. Avec

    Credit Card error message not showing

    So, do you have an answer to my original question? I think I was clear about my question - which was about an error message. Either you know or don't. Again, I appreciate the concern, but please stick to the original topic
  18. Avec

    Credit Card error message not showing

    Thank you for your concern, but our method does not differ from any other site that does not use a gateway which I image is not a small percentage. Based on the compliance information I have, we are compliant. In looking for an answer to this question on this board, I have seen that many, many legitimate coding questions almost instantly is side-tracked into a discussion (or more adversarial) about PCI compliance. Again, thank you for your concern, but if we can keep the thread on topic, it would be appreciated.
  19. Avec

    Credit Card error message not showing

    Do to the nature of the some of the sales, cards are not processed immediately, so that side is done "off-line"
  20. Avec

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Where did you add this? Which file and where in the file. Did you get it all working with these changes? It might be useful to put together a more informative release to specify all the information needed including the exact changes (again, file and location). Thanks for everyone's work on this.
  21. $quotes on checkout_shipping is a combination of a couple of arrays, including methods and rates. In USPS shipping methods 6.0 there is actually code that states "to sort highest to lowest" and uses the arsort function. I attempted to reverse this by simply changing it to rsort, but it changed nothing.
  22. Recently noticed that CC numbers were not being verified for length or starting sequence. Went to look at available modules in Admin>modules>payment and only Authorize.net was there, but it could not be selected and no options for edit, delete, etc were on the right. There are numerous module php files in catalog/includes/modules/payment. I attempted to add a new payment module - nothing. I attempted to delete the payment directory and create a new one, then copy the contents of the original - nothing. This has now brought the store down because there are no payment options available at checkout_payments.php. I have reloaded backup versions of Admin/index and Admin/module to no avail. No changes to the site have been made during this time frame. Thanks in advance for you urgent help.
  23. Checked with hosting company and no recent PHP upgrades. Checking on MySQL now. Why do you think hacking? The other modules are still there (shipping and order total) Permissions to the catalog/includes/modules sub directories are consistent from one to the next.
  24. I recently installed QBI 2.10 and have gotten to the point that I discovered the database tables will not update when new information is added from the admin page. None of pages do anything but display. I can manually enter information into the appropriate tables and it appears on the correct page, but nothing else. I posted questions to the QBI contribution specific thread, but have yet to get a reply. Thanks for your help.
  25. Avec

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I see what is going on. When I enter info, nothing is being updated. I attempt to change the config, or import the iif file and nothing updates. What am I missing?