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  1. I have an interesting issue with header tags. The keywords and descriptions seem to be correct, but the title for index.php includes extra stuff. I have it set for Store Name but the page returns Store Name Test - Store name I have actually done a text search to see where the word "test" is coming from, but cannot find it. When I open product_info.php the title is category name - Store name which is correct. In Admin>header tags>text control I have HTTA, HTDA, HTKA and HTCA all unchecked, although they were all checked when starting to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Avec


    I have been fighting this contribution and need some help. When I email a GV from Admin, I get the following error. Warning: mysql_insert_id(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in ..... admin\includes\functions\database.php on line 117 line 117: return mysql_insert_id($$link); The email goes through to the intended email address. When commented out, emails will go through, but all insert_id() in admin will not work, effectively breaking many things. I went back through the contribution and don't see any edits to this file. Also, no matter what the setting, the coupon_id is not being inserted into any other table other than queue, (I am able to release it), so it never shows up as sent in Admin. I never see the GV in Gift Vouchers Sent. The customer is getting the correct emails and GV and coupons are redeemed correctly. Help on this is most appreciated.
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    I have gotten most of the contribution working, but when checking Gift Vouchers Sent, nothing appears. The problem is that the Coupon_id is not being entered into the coupon_email_track table. In that table, all coupon_id = 0 The same happens whether the GV is sent from Admin, or purchased and sent from a customer. The other information is showing in that table, such as Customer_id_sent, Sent_firstname, etc. It looks like the only thing not showing up is the coupon_id I have reloaded the GV_mail.php file, and same problem.
  4. When attempting to add new products I am getting this error 1062 - Duplicate Entry '0-39' for key 1 insert into products_to_categories (products_id, categories_id) values ('0', '39') [TEP STOP] Upon this error, there is not products_id=0 in products, but there is a products_id=0, categories_id=39 in products_to_categories To correct, I have deleted the 'products' and 'products_to_categories' tables and recreated them from a old backup. I then inserted the data back in from recent backup. Still the same error. Other posts have suggested checking that products.products_id is auto-increment - it is. We have not entered new products for a couple weeks, and it worked then. The only contribution or alteration has been work on CCGV contribution. I don't know if this is a CCGV caused error, but that is the last thing that has been done. Other suggestions appreciated
  5. Avec

    CCGV Problems

    Damn. I had GV out of order and it screwed the whole thing. You won our $10. Thank for the help.
  6. Avec

    CCGV Problems

    After fighting with this contribution for a while (apparently some conflicts with PWA) I am down to this. I can purchase a GV, queue it and release it. The issue is that when I use the GV for a purchase the amount is not shown on the order total nor is it deducted. I am able to enter the GV number on checkout_payment.php along with CC number. When I click 'Continue' I am back to the same page. The URL contains a message "certificate redeem confirmed" or something along that line. In the database the GV is flagged as inactive so I cannot try again, but it is not making it to order total. The same happens when using coupons. I have checked and double checked the install, especially for these related pages, but am not finding any problems. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    I have everything installed, and double-checked, but when a GV is purchased, the GV is not recorded in the database. The order is confirmed, but nothing for it is in the database. The same goes for emailing a coupon. It arrives in email, but nothing is in the database indicating it. I have installed and re-installed but I am clearly overlooking something.
  8. I am having some difficulties getting this contribution functional. I installed it manually using the instructions (even re-installed it to see if I missed anything) and problems persist. In the order total module, I am not sure if the CCGV is installing. Next to both the gift voucher and coupon module I continue to see 'Install' instead of 'Edit'. If I double click either, I can pull up the information. I can purchase a GV (properly named GIFT) and an email is sent that it has been purchased. The problem is that it never appears in the queue.
  9. My store has multiple attributes (size, color, fabric type . . ) but I would like to set up a search on only the size attribute. One the advance search page, is there a simple way to select only one attribute to show in the array of attributes?
  10. Avec

    Attribute Search

    For those interested. change $attributes_query = tep_db_query("select * from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " where language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); to $attributes_query = tep_db_query("select * from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " where language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'" . "and products_options_id=2"); Should have seen it earlier. In my case, id=2 is size and I removed all other options such as date, price, etc. Now to fit it in an info box.
  11. Avec

    USPS Shipping by Weight AND Size

    I am having this exact problem. Shipping calculations on one item are fine, but when a customer buys two, it pushes the package size into the next USPS catagory, but OSC does not include that. Has anyone found a solution?
  12. I have set up Free Shipping per Product 1.0, Contribution 2517, and I have a problem. After setting the appropriate products to have free shipping, they return to default for some reason. They are correct for a while, then something sends them back. When set correctly, the contribution works fine. It gets frustrating to have to go back and reset them when they flip back to the default 'No'. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. Resolution - The problem was with the server, not the store. I noticed that my wife noticed that her host-provided webmail for the store was also down. When I looked at that, there as a similar file-read problem. It appeared that they then restarted the server and everything was fine. Good luck to all who might have this problem.
  14. I discovered that my live store is down. I am getting the following error message Template file doesn't exist: []Can't open Template file: [] Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/httpd/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs/includes/sts_display_output.php on line 178 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/httpd/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs/includes/sts_display_output.php on line 179 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /home/httpd/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs/includes/sts_display_output.php on line 198 Admin works fine. I thought I would copy the related files from my development store - same problem. I have made absolutely no changes to either store, and the live store was working fine hours earlier, unless it was cached. The last change of any kind was header tags. That was done more than a week ago. I am at a complete loss. I have confirmed the define values in configure.php - OK. I have moved the STS define lines to above the db define line - still no access. Does anyone have ideas??
  15. Check to see if there is a space after the php close - ?> Delete it if there is, also delete any line under that. The close needs to be the absolute last thing in the file.
  16. After making the suggested changes to includes/configure and sitemap.class I was able to get the sitemap.xml files to generate. The appear to be correct, but they are in the wrong place. The xml files in the root (same as the store) are empty, but they are in the googlesitemap directory, and appear to have been generated correctly. How do I get them to be generated in the root?
  17. I think you were right about the caching. I isolated the problem to page control>delete a page. When a page is deleted, includes/header_tag.php is stripped significantly. I also noticed that the default values in language/english/header_tag.php are stripped. So the title of index is HEADER_TITLE_TAG_DEFAULT. Includes/functions/header_tags and clean_html_comments are as original. Perhaps some of the problem is in the steps needed to make changes to the tags. Once a page is added in page control, should it be left alone there and edited only in the Text Control page? Then once edited, do you need to run 'Fill Tags'?
  18. Where should I start to look. It just happened again, but this time I noticed it happening after I had left the whole thing alone. I added and deleted products and categories with no change in the tags, everything working fine. I then went to lunch, came back and the header_tags file was changed and only default tags. I did a comparison of the file in use and the original from the contribution and basically lines 155 through 336 are being deleted. Any ideas?
  19. I have a very curious issue, and read through all 90+ pages of this thread, it is not covered. After getting the contribution to work, I decided to test the admin section to see if adding/deleting products or categories would be a problem. Somehow, in doing this the catelog/includes/header_tag file is re-written and all tags go to the default as found in languages/english/header_tags. When I FTP the file from the original contribution ZIP file, and do absolutely nothing else, the tags work fine. I have not been able to replicate the problem although it has happened twice before I realized what was going on, but am wondering what might be happening? Also, I noticed that when the correct product tags are present, the default tags are appended after the product tag. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Thanks for the help, contribution looks like it is a big winner.
  20. I figured out what I had done - moved the store to the root (it was in /catalog) For those with problems with your store in the root directory, these are my settings $tn_server_cache = true; $tn_path = '/thumbnails/'; / I made no other changes to the standard contribution install (follow the directions). The contribution is working and the reduced-sized thumbnails are being cached in the httpdoc/images/thumbnails directory. Incedently, my product images are in the 50 to 70 k, full size. I have the product_thumb quality set to 60%, which makes the thumbs in the <3k range. The thumbs are 120x150 - a bit on the small side, so the reduced quality does not effect them as much.
  21. I installed On-the-Fly about a month ago, and it was working just fine. I recently realized that the thumbnails are no longer being optimized. The cached versions are in the thumbnail sub-directory of images, and they are the correct thumbnail size, but they are not being used. I checked over the installation to make sure everything was still as it should be. I have not added any major contributions since then, other than tax_optimization. Any ideas?
  22. For reference, Here is my site. The pertinent part of product_thumbs.php is $tn_server_cache = true; $tn_path = '/catalog/images/thumbnails/'; I have tried nearly all path combinations from http:// to just 'thumbnails' always the same result. GD info: GD Support enabled GD Version bundled (2.0.28 compatible) FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled Addition to output_html was re-confirmed, directories are set to correct permissions. I made no changes to the files in the admin directory. Nothing is in the 'thumbnails' directory. All thumbnails are relaced with the dreaded 'red x'. I am really at a loss - I need help
  23. I am having the same problems as others. Followed installation exactly - did not enable for admin section. Thumbnails directory is empty, no thumbs show on page. Page Icons, stock and custom, do not show as well. I am using osCommerce 2.2 with STS. Help will be appreciated.
  24. I see what you are talking about. Is it a problem that the product_info file is not being updated by sts_template, or is the contribution designed to have a different product page than all the other? (based on the contribution description, I edit 1 html file, this would be two) If the correct solution is to modify the product_info file, then that is easily done, but is this a band-aid solution to fix a flaw in my installation? The important thing is for everything to run as it is designed to do. Thanks for your help.
  25. What triggers the updates to the .php files? My product_info.php is not updating with changes made to the sts_template.html file. What triggers the updates and when is it triggered. I have only modified sts_templates/mysite/sts_template.html. All pages reflect the changes except for product_info. Click Here to see.