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  1. ekahefe

    Picture Zoom Contrib

    Can you share a link so I can see what it looks like? It sounds like something I might love! :blush:
  2. ekahefe

    ZIP_Download Support Thread

    I installed this contribution and I think I need a little bit of help, if available. I get this error message (on a white page) instead of the payment confirmation page: 1146 - Table 'scrapbooking.TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ZIP_DOWNLOAD' doesn't exist insert into TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ZIP_DOWNLOAD (orders_id, orders_products_zip_filename , zip_archive_name, download_maxdays, download_count, zipfile_created) values ('20', 'Undefined', 'Zip file for customer', '0', '0', '0') I see all of these values in the database, but I do not know what to assign to them. I get a dropdown box with options like ASCII, CHAR, SOUNDEX ...... Thank you for your time and your asssitance! :)
  3. ekahefe

    Master Products - MS2

    Was there another answer to this problem? I am having a similiar one and I am having problems finding the solution. Also, I am selling digital files and after I installed Master Products, the download links don't show up on my Master Products that make it to the shopping cart. Is there someone who can help me with this? Thank you!
  4. I want to install the master/slave contribution but I would like to know some info first. I have installed the CCGV contribution already and I would like to know if there are any known issues with these 2 contributions working together. Also, the reason why I want to install this is because I have large zip files as virtual products (sometimes 200MB) and they will not download thru OSC after 23 MB, that is my limit and my server will not upgrade me. I was thinking that if I make the zip files smaller and link them to the "master" product, it would work. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for your time! :)
  5. ekahefe

    Coupon/Vouchers & Paypal

    I just fixed my problem with the discounted total not passing on to paypal: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,282 I hope this helps someone. :)
  6. ekahefe

    Coupon/Vouchers & Paypal

    Has anyone else had a problem using the vouchers/coupons with paypal? :-"
  7. ekahefe

    Coupon/Vouchers & Paypal

    I figured out how to change the wording under "payments" but how about the coupon working with paypal? Does anyone know a fix for this for a link on how to fix this? Thanks! :D
  8. I think I saw a post about this but I can't find it again or anything like this when I search the threads. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it! :D What is happening is, I put the coupon code and OSC provides the correct amount due after coupon. When I go to paypal, it does not carry over. I did read about using a positive number for coupons and negative number for vouchers, but that does not seem to do any good. What do I need to do to get the correct amount due to carry over to paypal? Also, I have paypal as my primary payment method. Under the title "Payment Method" on the checkout_payment.php page, it reads: This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order. MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_TITLE How do I change it to read "paypal" instead of the long module title? Thanks in advance for the help! :D
  9. ekahefe

    Coupon Install

    After I installed MyPhP (which is real cool!), I still had the same problem. I decided to uninstall oscommerce and I fixed 2 installation errors: 1. I uploaded oscommerce files as ASCII instead of AUTO 2. I created a brand new database on my server to start clean. So far, it works beautifully! I just need to look at how the voucher system works and I am good to go. I hope this helps someone else. :thumbsup:
  10. ekahefe

    Coupon Install

    Thank you for your reply!! That helped tons (the light went on, lol :thumbsup: ) :D
  11. ekahefe

    Coupon Install

    Hi. I have just installed a clean copy of oscommerce. I copied the coupon files over the original files and all seems to be working fine. (I went into the admin area and activated the voucher/coupons section and created a coupon). I also went into the payment modules and changed the sort orders to match the recommended order in the coupon instruction book. I go through the shopping cart area and I redeem my coupon with no problems. When I get to the final step of the checkout area, "FINISHED" page, I get a blank screen. I was reading the coupon instructions again and I don't remember "After you have copied the files install the sql. " this step. What does it mean to install this file? I see it in the folder and I think this may be my problem. Thank you in advance for all your assistance! Erika