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  1. mickeymouse

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Yes and Yes. It's pulling the names from the contact list for the radio buttons but it's not pulling anything for the actual email. I guess I'll keep poking around
  2. mickeymouse

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Does anybody have this working properly on php5. All emails are being sent to the store owner and store owner email addy. Can't seem to find the problem anywhere. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks
  3. mickeymouse

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Is there any way to configure this to do % discounts instead of a straight + or - $ value??
  4. mickeymouse

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    Anybody have any luck integrating this with Ajax Attribute Manager?
  5. mickeymouse

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Jan, Is this latest update compatible with the latest release of Quantity Price Break?? Thanks, Greg
  6. mickeymouse

    Quantity Price Breaks

    mockba, Which version of OSC are you using? Sounds like you didn't copy/replace all of the files or your using a different version of OSC than what the latest release of this contrib is designed around
  7. mickeymouse

    New York Sales Tax

    Yes...my cart calculates the full tax (state + county) on the subtotal + Shipping.
  8. mickeymouse

    Sales Tax By Location for New York

    Try This: New York State Tax By Zip Code
  9. mickeymouse

    New York Sales Tax

    First...all the tax rates in the table are incorrect. This contribution was designed to add the county tax from the contributions tax table to the state tax rate you have set in OSC. So you will have to go to your Locations/Tax Rate in OSC and set it for 4% for NYS (because NYS base tax rate is 4% then each county adds their own tax rate). Then, edit all the county taxes in this contribution's database file by subtracting 4%. (i.e. Tax rate for Allegany county should be set to 4.5% not 8.5% as was downloaded from the last updated sql file) Second...go to your Shipping module and make sure your shipping methods are set to the propper tax class (i.e. "Taxable Goods) Third...go to your Order Total Module and make sure that the sort order for taxes is set to a higher number than shipping and lower than total (i.e. Subtotal-1, Shipping-2, Tax-3, Total-4). By doing this your order is subtotaled first, then shipping is added, then tax is charged, then a final total.
  10. mickeymouse

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Your welcome my friend!!! :D
  11. mickeymouse

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Jan and all, Found a typo in the new upload of 1.3.2a In catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php find on line 298: $products_price = $pf->computePrice($qty, $no_of_other_items_in_cart_from_same_cat); and replace with: $products_price = $pf->computePrice($qty, $nof_other_items_in_cart_same_cat); This typo was causing the subtotal to calculate incorrectly in the shopping cart with using category discount quantities. Greg
  12. mickeymouse

    Contribution Tracker

    ok...I've just confirmed that the edit problems are related to the way OSC 2.2 RC1 handles things. I just added another contribution called "Contribution Control and Bookmark" and it does the same thing. Inserting and deleting are fine. Editing the record doesn't work, it just deletes the information.
  13. mickeymouse

    Contribution Tracker

    lildog, I think changing all references of DIR_WS_CATALOG to DIR_FS_CATALOG would be the best solution. It's possible that altering the config file to change the path of WS_CATALOG may break other contributions. FS seems to be the cleanest. I'm having the same problem as sashaben with the edit function. Insertion and deletion are all well. Editing seems to wipe out the record in the database. I'm setting up 2.2 RC1. Your version 1.54 works well on an older snapshot. I've got v1.54 running on another store usisng 2.2 ms2 and all is well. I couldn't really see any differences in the code from v1.54 to v1.6 that would cause this to happen so I tend to believe that OSC 2.2 RC1 is handling some things differently that is breaking the database update. I've tried installing v1.54 on 2.2 RC1 and have the same editing problem. Unfortunately I know just enough about php to to get me into a lot of trouble so I'm not much help in fixing the problem. Thanks Greg
  14. mickeymouse

    fast easy checkout

    Then you don't need this contribution. If you choose, you can install the combine payment & shipping aspect of the mod, but you won't need the rest of it. The main purpose of this mod was to allow customers to checkout w/o making an account. By default OSC forces the customers to create one. Greg