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  1. pafranklin

    Jssor Slider

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone.. I think it would be interesting and keep thinks fresh, but how do we achieve this??
  2. pafranklin

    Jssor Slider

    Hi All, I'm loving this slider (kindly provided by Jack_mcs) and just one question if anyone familiar. Is there a way for the display of the slider images to be random rather than in the order they were added? A random display would make it look fresh and different every time. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  3. pafranklin

    PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Official)

    Hi, I have been using PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted for over a year without issue and the other day it simply stopped working. I receive a debug email which states.......... $HTTP_POST_VARS: x=71 y=12 $HTTP_GET_VARS: https://api-3t.paypal.com/nvp - array ( ) Can anyone point me in the right direction please to resolve this? Many thanks in advance. Paul
  4. pafranklin

    Manual Order Maker

    I installed this contribution after Order Editor and had a similar problem to a number of others. Upon creating a customer or selecting an existing customer and clicking on "Save" on the create_order.php page I would be taken to the create_order_process.php page which was blank. The fix in my case was to copy the password_funcs.php page from includes/functions/ to admin/includes/functions/ All works!
  5. pafranklin

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Although this thread is looking as though it gets very few visitors, I just wanted to post my solution to the problem (5.09 not working with PHP5.3) Having investigated with my host and an expert coder, no solution could be found. Therefore I went back to basics, uninstalled the contribution and then re-installed version 2.8.2 (link below) http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1435 It works perfectly and I can always work thrugh the modifications since this older version to make any changes later. However for anyone having a problem with 5.0.9 on a PHP5.3 server then this may help! Paul
  6. pafranklin

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I have just installed 5.0.9 from scratch, uploaded the files and made the necessary amends. However, when I click on the edit button I receive a blank page (error 500). If I enter an incorrect order number I can see that the page is available and working due to the "Error: Order 4251 does not exist." I am running osC 2.2-MS2 with PHP5.3.10 and wonder if the PHP version may be the issue. I have scoured dozens of pages through the forum where there is a reference to blank pages but so far no luck. Has anyone come across this problem or can anyone poiunt me in the right direction please? Many thanks. Paul
  7. Further to the post above from andrew71 my host has moved to PHP5.3 and my product images no longer work. Is there a work around available to overcome the issue ( with register_long_arrays set to off, imagemagic doesn't work for me and just displays "error, file path incorrect, check configure.php". If I switch register_long_arrays back on, it works, but under PHP5.3, register_long_arrays is deprecated and can't be switched back on.) Please can anyone advise of a fix or work around? Many thanks. Paul
  8. pafranklin

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hi there, I haven't trawled every page in this thread but wanted to post an update for all of those who have experienced an error on the product page whereby anyone clicking on the "update cart" button gets an error of page cannot be dispayed and the url appears something like http://www.xyzdomain.com/_. To correct this find: <tr> <td> <br> <?php $cart->add_cart($product_info['products_id']); //add current to cart for estimator if (CARTSHIP_ONOFF == 'Enabled') { require(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'product_shipping_estimator.php'); } else {}; $cart->remove($product_info['products_id']); //lets remove current product from cart ?> </td> </tr> and add </form> just before it so that the code looks something like: </form> <tr> <td> <br> <?php $cart->add_cart($product_info['products_id']); //add current to cart for estimator if (CARTSHIP_ONOFF == 'Enabled') { require(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'product_shipping_estimator.php'); } else {}; $cart->remove($product_info['products_id']); //lets remove current product from cart ?> </td> </tr> I hope this helps someone - It worked for me and the module works well, so thanks to those for developing it. Paul.
  9. pafranklin

    API Certificate v API Signature

    Hi there, I am hoping to install this version but see that you need an API Certificate? Unfortunately I have (and still use) the more modern API Signature. According to PayPal you cannot have both an API Certificate and an API Signature. Is there away around this? Will this module be upgraded to use the API Signature method? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Paul
  10. pafranklin

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Thanks for the reply which is much appreciated. Unfortunately I think I will have to decide not to install this contrib as I have 192 fairly complex Attribute Sets with lots of attribues in each set so having to re-do each of them would be an absolute nightmare. Its a real shame as the current setup is not ideal for customers. Thanks again for the assistance and information!! Kind regards. Paul
  11. pafranklin

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Sorry for the basic question but before I attempt the install of Actual Attribute Price v1.7 I just wanted to ask if this woks with Attribute Sets or if they would be incompatable? As I have an existing shop with lots of attributes and lots of Attribute Sets, I am just a little nervous about installing and then running the attribute update utility to change everything (even allowing for file and database backups) Any thoughts or information would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul
  12. pafranklin

    Opening Links in a new Window

    This is very helpful. Many thanks! Paul
  13. Hi there, Probably a really stupid question but I have a link that I want to have open in a new window. How do I change the code below to enable this please?? Many thanks. Paul
  14. Hi there, I have been doing some work on one of my sites and have come across an error. I have not installed any contribs but must have made some code changes somewhere. When I am updating a product information from the admin side (catalog/admin/categories.php) and I click on the "Update" button, I am now receiving the following two error messages.......... Line 98 - 100 in my admin/includes/functions/database.php file is as follows: Line 54 from my admin/includes/functions/general.php file is as follows: I am sure ther must be a simple solution but I cannot find the error. Please would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? Many thanks. Paul
  15. pafranklin

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Thanks Glen and good luck with the development. I see that the contrib listed is quite old (2004) and Centinel have just provided me with what may be a newer version of the osC Cartridge. I didn't like to upload this against the existing version as I was not sure but it can be found (for the next few days anyway) from this link. Centinel osC Cartridge If it is appropriate I will add this to the contrib? Thanks again. Paul