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  1. Has anyone ever figured out how to get this to work???????????
  2. Ok, now I'm going to post this here, since I'm not sure where to post. I implemented the Add weight to Product Attributes. I am using Easy Populate and can't get the Add weight to Product contrb to upload, the upload field stays blank. What fields do I add to my upload excel csv and is there an order to list them in the csv file? I have searched and searched and searched the forums for; seriously months with no luck. If anyone has this answer or has gotten this to work with Add weight to Product Attributes + EP please lead me in the right direction. The fields I have in my csv is (plus all the fields included in the sample.csv from the EP contrb). v_attribute_values_id_4_2 v_attribute_values_name_4_2_1 v_attribute_values_price_4_2 v_price_prefix_4_2 v_attribute_options_values_weight_4_2 I have installed EP extra fields and can't that to work either. Totally confused, I' using EP v2.76f. PLEASE HELP!!! Anyone's help is much appreciated, Lucy