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    [contribution] Total B2B

    Well same here i am afraid. I tried some solutions but well one or the other screws up something else i see. ALL has to do with the display of the prices... so if someone could please make a sticky-READ ME FIRST DUMMY post on how to solve this i would be happy to answer 100 questions coming after that and politely point the users to the right solution!
  2. Oef.. i searched and searched and yes.. found something somewhere but lost it again after a neccesary reboot :( I have installed TotalB2B and almost debugged it fine :) except: 1: a product price is shown as 0,00 EUR .... BUT when i add it to the basket.. the basket shows and displays the right price... 2: i cannot login anymore after installing this great Contribution... will check and double check all files that have todo with it but .... thanks a lot!