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  1. dwepplo

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hi, I have a couple of questions. I have a category description. I thought I downloaded a version before this was removed but it is using the default meta page description. Could someone point me to a version that will utilize my category description, or the changes for the meta_tags file. Also I've added a few extra fields to my product descriptions. Can I simply querry for this data and place more values in $product_meta_info ? # get data for the description $desc.=$product_meta_info['products_name']; $man=$product_man_meta_info['manufacturers_name']; $descfull.=$product_meta_info['products_description']; Thanks for any help, Dan
  2. dwepplo

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Ok - that was kind of obvious. There isn't a HEADING_TITLE for product_reviews.php defined. I can see why this is a default exception page. Is there a way to use the products title? Would it help for indexing? Thanks for the great contribution, Dan
  3. dwepplo

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    I agree - great contribution. I started installing header controller til I got to the massive cut and paste section and decided I had enough. I wish I had found this first. Everything works great but I'm having a small problem and I haven't found it in the support thread. When I go the product_review page I get the HEADING_TITLE - literally. It puts HEADING_TITLE - Store Name in the title bar. I've been trying to learn some PHP as I go along and I'm wondering if the problem is here: includes/meta_tags.php # other pages }else{ # Title # pages to use HEADING_TITLE loop foreach ($heading_pages as $index => $page){ if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], $page) ){ $metatitle=HEADING_TITLE.' - ';}} does this imply a problem with the php version? It's 4.4 Thanks for any help Dan
  4. Hi, I've just installed this contribution and it seems to work great - I have a small problem with where it's storing the thubs - I can only get it to work if I change the "thumbnails" to "" in the configuration. I assume I have to fix something in a path somewhere. What I'd really like to know is if this contribution also has the option of using the watermark? Honestly - I've looked and I've found a lot of people mentioning it but no useful information. I think this is a great contribution - but the support threads are a kind of a nightmare with 3 offshoots of the orig contribution. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I'm sorry for posting if It's obvious and I've overlooked it. Thank you, Dan
  5. I guess since I have conversations with myself at the computer I might as well have one on this support thread. I finally found the php5 upgrade so if anyone googles " easy populate php 5 problems " or " easy populate first product only " hopefully they'll find this quicker than I did. in \admin\easypopulate.php Find array_walk($readed, 'walk'); replace by this //array_walk($readed, 'walk'); foreach ($readed as $readed_record) { walk($readed_record); } I also changed the model field size in the configuration. I went back and changed this back and no difference. Good luck - it seems like a great contribution. I wish I could have found myself sooner Dan
  6. I've had some more time to dig through the support thread - it seems this is a problem when using php5. I couldn't find if there is a fix besides reverting to php4. Dan
  7. Hi, I've just installed and seem to have EP working - but I have one small problem - I'm only able to edit the first product?? I've created a db with only two products having 4 attributes. I thought there might be a problem when I was saving in excel so I simply edited in a text editor. I didn't add fields. I only changed numbers or words within existing fields. When I upload the data base only changes to the first product were inserted. I've also installed the catagory description contribution. Does anyone know if this is causing a conflict? Thank you for any suggestions. Dan