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  1. Does anyone have a URL where I can see the Gift Voucher in action? I'd like to see how she actually performs and behaves before installing.
  2. I'm getting a error with the Monthly Sales & Tax Report Contrib. <font color="#000000"><b>1030 - Got error 69 from table handler<br><br>select sum(ot.value) gross_sales, monthname(o.date_purchased) row_month, year(o.date_purchased) row_year, month(o.date_purchased) i_month, dayofmonth(o.date_purchased) row_day from orders o left join orders_total ot on (o.orders_id = ot.orders_id) where ot.class = 'ot_subtotal' group by year(o.date_purchased), month(o.date_purchased) order by o.date_purchased desc This is after installing the USPS Methods contrib. Thoughts? This makes no sense to me.
  3. trollboy

    PayFlow Pro woes

    I got the payflow pro payment module, I've installed the SDK, when I finalize my order and it goes to charge my card, I just get a white page, nothing else... thoughts?
  4. trollboy

    PayFlo Pro and CMS

    I saw the contrib for the PayFloPro FIX, but not the Payflo Pro itself. I need this for the customer, anyone got a URL for this? Also I need a good CMS plugin, anyone got one they really recommend?
  5. trollboy

    PayFlo Pro and CMS

    a: Loxly you rock! Thanks!!!! b: Anyone got a more verbose instruction guide to the payflow pro plugin?? The default "Copy all the files here" seems a lil to simple... where do I enter the payflow account data?? Thanks!
  6. trollboy

    PayFlo Pro and CMS

    Yeah I saw that, I've also been trolling the forums reading your exchanges as well. I was just wondering if there's one someone recommends. We don't really have enough content to require a ful phpnuke install like you're running.. we just want something that will display some article teasers in the default.php and go from there. Worst case scenerio I could write something.. but I'd prefer something from contrib so I can keep the admin functions in the admin page.