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  1. vascorey

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks for the quick reply! The problem wasn't on the taxes, but on the page I was paying in dollars, on paypal, in euros. The conversion rate was set 10? = 1.10$, so paypal would 'charge' 10%. I will check the payment with credit card and if I have more trouble I will post here again. Cheers and thanks again, Vasco
  2. vascorey

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks for the quick reply! I still have doubts, though: 1) How do I take away the 10% tax thing? Is it on PayPal or on oscommerce? 2) Is there any way that I can override the setting which forces my customers to open a PayPal account and just make them pay with their credit cards straight ahead? Cheers, Vasco
  3. vascorey

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hello everybody! I am trying to setup the PayPal IPN module and I am having some problems and doubts, which I didn't see answered in this thread, mainly because it is too long: 1) Is there anyway I can make my customers pay by credit card (to my PayPal account) without making them register at PayPal? I tried to checkout and in the PayPal page I have to insert the address, e-mail, phone number all over again. 2) I made a purchase worth $39.99, the shipping rate is $5.00, which would make a total of $49.99, so why does PayPal say I have to pay: Amount: ?44.13 EUR Shipping & Handling: ?5.52 EUR Total Amount: ?49.65 EUR ? 3) I heard some buzz about a notify URL, what's this all about? I really appreciate all the trouble you'll go through answering my questions and I thank you in advance for bearing up with a newbie like myself. Cheers to all, Vasco