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  1. Frank Heinen

    Dutch Translation

    I hope you don't mean that you translated osC V3.0 from scratch.... That would be a pitty... The Dutch translation is at the moment 80% finished (see SVN server: http://svn.oscommerce.com/fisheye/browse/o..._NL/oscommerce) and I am going to update it tomorrow. Then it will be 99% ready (beta stage). Regards, Frank
  2. Frank Heinen

    arabic translation

    Hi Ali, I know that the Belgian use different words but didn't know for sure that they wrote differently. I'll mail you the Dutch version when finished. I expect it to be finished the comming days (beta version). Frank
  3. Frank Heinen

    new contribution idea for templates

    Even the template system could change in the last two alpha releases. Probably not too much but it could thats why its an alpha release, so if you like to create something now, thats perfect but you are taking a (small) risk to need to change it later.
  4. Frank Heinen

    arabic translation

    Hi Ali If your talking about making a Belgian version of osC V3.0 (don't know if Belgian divers from Dutch but) then please wait a week or so. I'm almost finished with the Dutch translation. I'll commit it within a week or so. Regards, Frank
  5. As you can read in the osC V3.0 Alpha 4 topic I believe, there is no official release date... Is it risky to use an Alpha version, yes! It is not finished, it is not bug tested and when you customize an alpha and alpha becomes final then you a have V3.0 alpha customized so no support or whatsoever, addons that don't work with your "version" (or better non version) etc etc.... So my advise, use V2.2 RC1.
  6. Frank Heinen

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Another problem, in resizing images who are smaller then the requested image size. Line 126 of includes/classes/oscthumb.php if ($width > $image_size[0] || $height > $image_size[1]) { should be: if ($width > $image_size[0] && $height > $image_size[1]) { Explaination: If an image is smaller then the requested width but larger then the requested image height then it does need to be resized and limited to the requested limits (note the height and width are maximum width and height). As it is now then it doesn't resize it. Example: Image height: 600 pixels Image width: 100 pixels Requested height: 120 pixels Requested width: 120 pixels Now it need to be resized to: height: 120 pixels width: 20 pixels At the moment it doesn't resized it and shows the 600 x 100 pixel image.
  7. Frank Heinen

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Line 232 of includes/classes/oscthumb.php is setting the wrong directory link: if ($image_watermark) { $params .= "&fltr[]=wmi|watermarks/".WATERMARK_IMAGE."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_POSITION."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_OPACITY."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_MARGIN; } For default directory it should be: if ($image_watermark) { $params .= "&fltr[]=wmi|phpThumb/watermarks/".WATERMARK_IMAGE."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_POSITION."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_OPACITY."|".WATERMARK_IMAGE_MARGIN; } For the next version a watermark directory definition (adjustable from the admin or defined in the config.php) would better.
  8. Frank Heinen

    Where can i download the Osc v3?

    The server is temporary down. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  9. Frank Heinen

    Editing the Script to match our idea

    Offcourse that is possible. You can create a new payment option. There are lots available for osC V2.2 in the contribs section and for osC V3.0 Alpha 4 you can find them inside the includes/modules/payment folder. These can help to give you a good start.
  10. Frank Heinen

    OSC 3 Alpha 4

    Prashant, Do you have any info about you installation problem? Is it resolved and how?
  11. Frank Heinen

    OSCom3 alph4 -- fresh install

    This is the default layout. The second row is the footer of the table. In here are the batch features (edit/delete multiple admins).
  12. Frank Heinen

    3.0 Alpha 4 Suggestions

    Nice report moku!! Thanks for your testing. Could you please add the bugs and improvements to our development server?
  13. The development is not focussing on graphic details as you may understand. Also the design will change as you can read in the Alpha 4 release discussion....
  14. At the moment thats not available. We will be working on providing information soon.
  15. Frank Heinen

    Contribution Development for osCommerce 3.0

    Jan, the (osc_) prefix is stored inside the configure.php.