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  1. yup buttons where for the new shop. v1.2.1 Update is old style buttons. [reboot] thanks for the heads-up
  2. The purpose of this contribution is simply to upload and process a SQL script text file. I wrote this script since I have found a couple hosts that don't provide a SQL tool like phpMyAdmin. The code allows you to restrict the commands that can be processed so allow some additional script safety. This script processes the SQL script file and provides feedback if errors occur. This script should only be used in a password protected area of your site. If others get access to this script, you could have serious problems. But I guess it is just as dangerous as the file manager that is already distributed with osCommerce. Get it here
  3. surfalot

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    badlhby is almost right-on. for those that use other odd versions of USPS and USPS methods here's the fix that worked for my sites... Add this to your includes>functions>general.php or to the bottom of your usps.php module after the last ending bracket } /** * dechunk an http 'transfer-encoding: chunked' message * * @[member='param'] string $chunk the encoded message * @[member='Return'] string the decoded message. If $chunk wasn't encoded properly it will be returned unmodified. */ function http_chunked_decode($chunk) { $pos = 0; $len = strlen($chunk); $dechunk = null; while(($pos < $len) && ($chunkLenHex = substr($chunk,$pos, ($newlineAt = strpos($chunk,"\n",$pos+1))-$pos))) { if (!is_hex($chunkLenHex)) { trigger_error('Value is not properly chunk encoded', E_USER_WARNING); return $chunk; } $pos = $newlineAt + 1; $chunkLen = hexdec(rtrim($chunkLenHex,"\r\n")); $dechunk .= substr($chunk, $pos, $chunkLen); $pos = strpos($chunk, "\n", $pos + $chunkLen) + 1; } return $dechunk; } /** * determine if a string can represent a number in hexadecimal * * @[member='param'] string $hex * @[member='Return'] boolean true if the string is a hex, otherwise false */ function is_hex($hex) { // regex is for weenies $hex = strtolower(trim(ltrim($hex,"0"))); if (empty($hex)) { $hex = 0; }; $dec = hexdec($hex); return ($hex == dechex($dec)); } then find this small code chunck: if ($http->Get('/shippingAPI.dll?' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody(); change to if ($http->Get('/shippingAPI.dll?' . $request)) $body = http_chunked_decode($http->getBody()); should do it. works for me in several versions of this module.
  4. Abstract: Define Content is a basic language aware Content Management System (CMS) designed for osCommerce. Its intended to make content management easier for the non-technical shop owner. It allows you to define content areas and then modify them with or without a WYSIWYG HTML editor from the osCommerce admin. Site designers can use this contrib to setup areas the store owner can easily modify with tinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor. Define Content is completely language aware in both catalog side and admin side. This means it can be used, for example, to make the header (top banner) change with the language choice of the customer. It can also be used to make an image or any other content change with the language choice of the customer. The contribution allows you to include PHP code in the content so that elements such as the STORE_NAME or STORE_NAME_ADDRESS can be added via PHP. For security, and by default, php code is stripped from the Define Content editor page when submitted. The extra step is included to enable PHP code inclusion from the editor. The contribution includes easy file copy directions to integrate tinyMCE cross-browser WYSIWYG editor. tinyMCE is compatible with browsers like Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera and (partially) Safari. tinyMCE has lots of features. It cleans and verifies your HTML and I've even included a mod to support including PHP code if you wish to optionally enable it. If you already have a preferred WYSIWYG editor integrated into your admin, you can use that, or follow the few included additional steps to setup tinyMCE. Once installed, you can use the tinyMCE cross-browser WYSIWYG editor for any textarea field in your osC admin. This contribution comes with several examples of areas to use it such as: Page Header Page Footer Catalog Main Page content and Greeting areas Contact US Message Get it here
  5. ---------------------------------- Abstract ---------------------------------- The contribution allows these 4 featured sets: - Featured Products - Featured Products by Category - Featured Products by Manufacturer - Featured Manufacturers The admin has many choices for each section (one section shown here): - Display products in featured boxes. - Choose to display products from just current category or all featured products. - Supports unlimited depth of categories - Optionally displaying buy now buttons. - Built in optional support for sidkiller(#952) on buy now buttons. - Choose to display on catalog home, categories, product list, and product info pages. - Choose layout and position of featured products section. - Set Maximum number of Featured products to display. - Display featured products in a column/row layout. - Specify a specific description or select number of words from default description. - Supports Asian characters by providing a number of characters description limit. - Expire feature time periods with ability to suspend expiry. - Choose from 4 featured products set layouts. - Choose from 6 featured products set styles. - Display a box shadow and set the shadow direction. - Display featured products set in single group box or in individual boxes. - Set the sort order for the feature products or display random. - Sort ascending or descending. - Products vertical line height. - Products vertical line color. - Products horizontal line color. - All formatting is controlled by stylesheet.css entries. - Turn featured sets on or off. - Specify the display order for each of the 4 featured sets. + Based on Wolfens Featured Sets v1.03. See changelog for a list of updates. Get it here
  6. Abstract: More Pics 6 allows you to add up to 6 additional pics to each product. The pics can be different sizes and different types (jpg,gif,png,...). The image pop-up will display forward and next buttons so the customer can page through each larger image without needing to go back to the main product page. You will have the ability to configure the number of rows and columns to display the products in on the main products info page. If more images are defined then columns and rows are defined the remaining images can be viewed in the pop-up. You will also be able to configure whether the images show above the description, below the description or on either side of the description. Many thanks to all that have contributed to this contrib. All are credited. Get it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1611
  7. Abstract: Availability contribution allows you to set an unique message to display on each product relating to the availability of the item. Two messages can be set, one for in-stock and another for out of stock. Includes convenient admin tool to add and modify the messages menu on the product edit page. Allows you to include the actual stock quantity in the message. An attempt was made to maintain multi-language awareness. You can set one product, when in-stock, to display: "Availability: in stock, usually ships in 2-3 days" and when the stock runs out, "Availability: temporarily out-of-stock" Another product may be set to display: "Availability: made to order, usually ships in 7-10 days" Get it here
  8. please backup your database just in case. The following script will clear all products for the default osc database. Run it in a utility that your host would offer like phpMyAdmin (popular free MySQL php database manager) DELETE FROM `categories`; DELETE FROM `categories_description`; DELETE FROM `manufacturers`; DELETE FROM `manufacturers_info`; DELETE FROM `products`; DELETE FROM `products_attributes`; DELETE FROM `products_attributes_download`; DELETE FROM `products_description`; DELETE FROM `products_notifications`; DELETE FROM `products_options`; DELETE FROM `products_options_values`; DELETE FROM `products_options_values_to_products_options`; DELETE FROM `products_to_categories`; DELETE FROM `specials`; Then import the products from easypopulate. You *can* avoid clearing your manufacturers and categories by leaving out the top four lines.
  9. easypopulate finds the correct product to update using the model number. If you exported the products, added the model number to the spreadsheet, then imported, what you experienced is exactly what will happen. You need the model numbers in the database/products to work.
  10. I appears you have a portion of header tags controller installed in your shop. You'll need to remove that or complete the installation with the correct database fields installed.
  11. If you have the current version of SPPC, I don't believe this will work for you. It is coded for an older version.
  12. sorry, no workaround. You will need to find a host that allows the php file to write to folders. The same will be true if you decide to use an image thumbnailer contribution.
  13. you will need to lookup how to set these in your .htaccess file. Your host should have been able to help you adjust the numbers if you told them the error you are getting. Doesn't sound like they actually helped you make the settings correct. The error says memory is being exhausted. So you need to increase the allowed memory in the .htaccess file to accommodate. I can't tell you how much, you need to try increasing the allowed memory and see what happens.
  14. if you are using some kind of thumbnail contribution, you'll need to find out how it generates the thumbs and help that contribution along to do so. there are a couple of additional/thumb images contributions EP will use. Please see the docs for information about contribution support.
  15. my guess is there is a file that should have been uploaded that wasn't. Why version 2.1? you'd have better results from 2.76i
  16. you need to take a close look at install instructions step #6 of the latest file set I uploaded. If you don't understand how to set up that file, please ask your host to assist you with that.
  17. Try adding the tax id column even if you do not use it. If you need further help, please see the "support" section of the docs and post what is requested for help.
  18. you will want to take a close look at install step #6 of my version 2.76i. Go over those settings with your host to ensure you are allowed to make those changes. Discuss with them the error you are receiving and ask them to help you set the .htaccess file with the instructions on step #6.
  19. the most important thing is a sample of the data file you are attempting to upload, which most folks don't post for some reason. Most problem happen because of problems formatting the import.
  20. please see the how to ask for help section of the docs and post all the requested info with an example of your import file.
  21. surfalot

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    changes to backup.php shouldn't be necessary with the latest osC 2.2 version, all others yes. no changes this contribution makes should cause any blank pages. neither item you mention should cause a blank page after logging in. I suspect not all the files were uploaded correctly, double check the new files to make sure they were all uploaded correctly.
  22. surfalot

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    neither item you mention should cause a blank page after logging in. I suspect not all the files were uploaded correctly, double check the new files to make sure they were all uploaded correctly.
  23. sorry, I don't know the answer to that. The question to Ultrapics forum would be; is there any database changes since then? Note: Ultrapics of that year was limited to 6 additional pics. Additional Images is unlimited.
  24. please see the instructions for adding fields to the code in the top settings section of easypopulate.php script. if you have further specific questions about that part, please post again.
  25. the latest version (march 2010) has EP_SHOW_EP_SETTINGS on line 36 of easypopulate.php. you are not looking hard enough for it. I can't help the version numbers. It's usually pretty clear to folks that they should increase the version numbers when they upload a new one. if you are looking for support for SPPC, I can't say it will work. Support in this package was for a version that was out many years ago.