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  1. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    yes it is. I've not tested it with BS Edge
  2. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi @@Denzel, the sort order has been an issue for a while. years back I thought I had fixed it, but the current logic really doesn't account for all factors, and IMO, really fubars the sort. I wouldn't use the arrows. The more attributes you create, the more this contrib gets confused. here's what I do for a work around... make sure you have the sort order components installed for the old stand-by attribute manager, and manually manage the sort order there. It's not ideal, but polishes the job where needed.
  3. current version does not. With a little PHP knowledge, it sure could be added.
  4. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    in tables: am_templates am_attributes_to_templates
  5. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I'm not sure what you are asking here, but... If you do not make that change to the <body> tag in admin/includes/templates_top.php then the ajax manager will not load. You should also check that the include was added to admin/includes/templates_top.php before the </head> tag: <?php require_once( 'attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php' )?>
  6. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @@joli1811- that was helpful :rolleyes: he obviously added QT Pro, which changed the products_info.php file, and was confused about where to make changes for the Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 contribution. @@bkiani - Don't worry about changes in the product_info.php file if you wish to fix your error in the admin. If you want to fix the error you are getting, the changes you need to get right for Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 are in the /admin/products_attributes.php file. focus on those changes to fix the error when adding attributes from Products Attribute
  7. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The only way I can help you with this is if you can find an error from your error_log in /admin/error_log or in /admin/attributeManager/error_log that will help point me to the problem. One other possibility is a javascript error you may find from FireBug debugger in FireFox browser.
  8. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    you are getting this error because you have not completed integrating the Sort Order contribution: Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1822
  9. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    You should look at your error_log on the server in the admin folder for more information on this problem. If you are getting an error posted to the log when accessing the product edit page, please post this information for further help.
  10. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The reason you have this error using the standard osCommerce Products Attribute is because Attribute Manager will install database fields if the sort order is enabled. You will need to adapt and install the contribution it is based on. See this contribution: Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1822 also see the "Additonal Notes for other contribution compatability" section of this Attributes Manager documentation about the sort order contribution. Since that contribution is for 2.2, you will need to adapt the installation to 2.3.4.
  11. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    have you fixed the problem of the Attribute Manager showing on the Product Edit page? If so, can you tell us what the problem was? If you need to translate the Attribute Manager's text to Farsi, then you should create a new folder under /admin/attributeManager/languages/[yourlanguage]. Copy the english language file from /admin/attributeManager/languages/english/attributeManager.php to your language folder. The name of the folder would be the same as the language folder used for languages in the main shop: admin/includes/languages/[yourlanguage]. So your new language file would be at: /admin/attributeManager/languages/[yourlanguage]/attributeManager.php. So if you main language folder is "farsi", your new language file for Attribute Manager would be: /admin/attributeManager/languages/farsi/attributeManager.php. Then simply translate the language in the attributeManager.php file to farsi. hope that helps.
  12. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    are you looking on the "Products Attributes" admin page, or the product edit page? If it is installed correctly, when you open an existing product for edit, a gray box should appear just below the product pricing.
  13. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The message I'm asking for can't be found in Firebug. The error is a server error related to something that the server doesn't like in PHP. You should have an error log, maybe called "error_log" within the admin directory in your site's hosting space on the server. your error log should update with an error message each time this happens. If you don't see it, ask your host if they can enable error logging on your site.
  14. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    can you check your error log in your admin folder for a specific error that would be associated with this Internal Server Error and post that? (you can x-out any directory paths in the error)
  15. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    if you are not seeing the sort buttons, then you have not enabled the sort feature. See the docs about enabling the sort feature. Has been working for me.