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  1. Surfalot CMS App Support

    "2.3.4 Official" folder and instructions was developed for the Official release of osCommerce that is downloaded from this site. I have not tried it on the cPanel installed version. But that also depends on which software installer you have in your cPanel also. There are several available including Fantastico and Softaculous. In the past Fantastico has offered a modified version. Please make sure you are using the "2.3.4 Official" folder in the package and have followed those install instructions. The "SEO - Pages" module should be there if you uploaded the "catalog (useful edge modules)" files in that 2.3.4 Official install As long as all the files were uploaded and the few modified files where installed correctly, it should be fine. You should check the file "error_log" in the root of your shop for an error if you see a blank page.
  2. Surfalot CMS App Support

    Windows PHP must be handling errors on passing globals different from the LAMP. I updated the package. I shouldn't have coded it that way anyway. Changes + Removed use of $_SESSION['admin'] in favor of the more compatible global $admin Update from previous version: + Upload and replace all original new files in folder: "catalog (new files)"
  3. Surfalot CMS App Support

    and the osCommerce version?
  4. Surfalot CMS App Support

    what PHP version and what osCommerce version are you using?
  5. Surfalot CMS App Support

    interesting. similarities must be on a very basic level. There is much more to this than there could have been when that was done. This was inspired by my original Define Content contribution from 2006 and in a small part, the Page Editor contrib 2841. I can't remember what I didn't like about oscms back then. I couldn't find a content editor with which I was comfortable. I'm certainly looking for any feedback on what could be done better.
  6. Surfalot CMS App Support

    There are screen shots included on the addon's page. I'm certainly way behind the ball if other addon donors are creating videos these days. lol I'm really not trying to sell anything here Simply put, it allows you to edit content in the admin instead of editing the language files. It's pretty simple as far as operation. Create a new page in the Surfalot CMS addon admin, type in the content you want, save. Add a code snippet in the location of the page in which you want it to appear on the front end. In the case of the community addition, there are already 2 places you can run with on the index page. The Conditions, Privacy, and Shipping info pages you can simply create the content and it will automatically override the language files. I think the ability to add pages and update the menu in the admin is much easier than creating a module every time we want a new nav menu items for the community editions. That's pretty straight forward I think. I created extensive help docs to go with it. Extensive, that is, compared to what I remember from contributions of years past anyway. It's a simple install for community editions. only two file changes and you don't even need to change the template class if you don't want or need realtime sorting of sidebar and nav menu items. It has a built in database update and removal, if you don't like it, delete the files after a one button database cleaning. Don't know what help it is, but my site was built using it. All the content on the forward facing pages are stored in Surfalot CMS in osCommerce. I may be one of the few web developers here that put my money where my mouth is and made my side with osCommerce. http://surfalot.com I'm seeing a lot of WordPress out there.
  7. Surfalot CMS is an osCommerce App designed to help the developer and shop owner alike build, maintain, and organize content easily in one place. TinyMCE is integrated to provide WYSIWYG content editing. Create new content and insert it into your navigation quickly and easily directly in the admin. Edit content on existing pages by placing a small template code snippet on your target page. The responsive features of osCommerce v2.3.4 Community Edition are maintained throughout the App. Full osCommerce built-in cache support is available. If your shop runs with osCommerce cache, Surfalot CMS will cache all the page queries so your shop maintains peak performance. Dynamic content from the additional shortcode module is still injected at display time. This is designed specifically for osCommerce v2.3.4 Community Edition. This project was started to see how far I could stretch the "no core changes" principles driving this fabulous osCommerce version with content creation. osCommerce v2.3.4 Official is also supported. Main Features Create and WYSIWYG Edit Site Pages Create and WYSIWYG Edit Content and Blocks Manage page titles, page content, breadcrumb, and meta tags in the admin Create Navigation with a Navbar Module and Sidebar Box Module osCommerce Cache Support Easy install App requires changes to only a few files Place content using existing osC Template groups and create your own Integrated TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor Navigation Features Full featured Navigation manager Manage your Navbar menu with text, links, and existing modules Manage a sidebar information box with new or existing pages and links Specify Font Awesome icons for all Navbar items Compatible with existing Navigation modules Include Surfalot CMS page items anywhere in the Navbar Download: https://apps.oscommerce.com/iJnr7
  8. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    yes it is. I've not tested it with BS Edge
  9. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi @@Denzel, the sort order has been an issue for a while. years back I thought I had fixed it, but the current logic really doesn't account for all factors, and IMO, really fubars the sort. I wouldn't use the arrows. The more attributes you create, the more this contrib gets confused. here's what I do for a work around... make sure you have the sort order components installed for the old stand-by attribute manager, and manually manage the sort order there. It's not ideal, but polishes the job where needed.
  10. current version does not. With a little PHP knowledge, it sure could be added.
  11. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    in tables: am_templates am_attributes_to_templates
  12. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I'm not sure what you are asking here, but... If you do not make that change to the <body> tag in admin/includes/templates_top.php then the ajax manager will not load. You should also check that the include was added to admin/includes/templates_top.php before the </head> tag: <?php require_once( 'attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php' )?>
  13. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @@joli1811- that was helpful :rolleyes: he obviously added QT Pro, which changed the products_info.php file, and was confused about where to make changes for the Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 contribution. @@bkiani - Don't worry about changes in the product_info.php file if you wish to fix your error in the admin. If you want to fix the error you are getting, the changes you need to get right for Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 are in the /admin/products_attributes.php file. focus on those changes to fix the error when adding attributes from Products Attribute
  14. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The only way I can help you with this is if you can find an error from your error_log in /admin/error_log or in /admin/attributeManager/error_log that will help point me to the problem. One other possibility is a javascript error you may find from FireBug debugger in FireFox browser.
  15. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    you are getting this error because you have not completed integrating the Sort Order contribution: Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1822