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  1. So far I do not believe that the author has released an update on this contrib. So if you install it you need to go through all the posts and make the edits yourself. Make sure that before make the edit you actually have the bug though. As with all the contribs it is a wise thing to test ALL aspects and features affected by it's installation. This template system is quite usefull. I have found that the addition of the javascripts folder is one of the sweeter features. At first I was a bit reluctant about that portion of it. Now however I find that it allows you to easily add some slick tricks to your pages. :wink: All there is to say about MS2 and these new contribs is: Nice work guys!!
  2. Went to take a look at your mod. It one of the ones that we have need for as well. Got this when I went: Not Found The requested URL /testing/admin was not found on this server. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apache/1.3.27 Server at www.jewelrysupplyhouse.com Port 80 :) OOPS!!!
  3. Hey All: Just set this contrib up and have gone through all the posts stomping on them annoying little critters. Was testing out some of the pages and landed this little pest: Warning: main(includes/javascript/address_book_process.js.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/commercial/catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php on line 11 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/javascript/address_book_process.js.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /var/www/commercial/catalog/templates/main_page.tpl.php on line 11 Fix is very simple: :D go to catalog/includes/javascript/ and rename the file address_book_process.php to address_book_process.js.php From what I have seen: So far, So good! This contrib has great potential. :wink:
  4. ElLeonBlanco


    Thanks Henri for fixing the contrib to work on MS2. So far no bugs or problems. For the person placing the post just before this one. I would recommend using the previous version on MS1. The newer version for MS2 doesn't seem to work with MS1. I believe you can get the older version from SourceForge.net. There are a lot of changes between MS1 and 2 Harald posted a list in the Contributions forum stating some of the tep - php changes. It's quite helpful and you should check it out. :idea:
  5. ElLeonBlanco

    'tep_array_merge' observation

    Harald: When I went to the link from your earlier post ver 1.8 is just a grey box and ver 1.9 shows just fine. Or is it a MSIE thing? http://cvs.sf.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/tep/...f?r1=1.8&r2=1.9 Just thought I would mention it. If it is an error please fix for it looks quite useful. If it is MSIE thing let me know. Once resolved please delete this post as it will no longer be useful.
  6. ElLeonBlanco

    'tep_array_merge' observation

    Harald: Thanks for the list. Very useful. Not scratching my head near as much now. :)
  7. MS2 sure has got people polishing up those coding skills again. Besides being an excellent project it is just great for getting those brain cells out of vacation mode. :D
  8. Howdy all: Thank you Henery for fixing the Osc-affilliate contrib. Got it running sweet as can be. Needed to add the affiliate branding contrib on top of that to satisfy my partners. Now that is one confused piece of code! Tried methods 1 and 2. Got all the permmission denied bugs out of the way but I guess the code between MS1 and MS2 are just too different for it to set up. I looked at the code in admin.diff and in install.sh and said to my self: This is way over my head! I kept getting strange things like ---: command not found, +++: command not found, @@: command not found, (didn't even know those were commands) and then the syntax errors started popping up. I love a puzzle but this is one that needs someone with a lot more knowledge than I have. :? I hope that someone out there needs this contrib as much as I do and has the time to edit it and get it running. If you do please update the contrib and I sure would appreciate one of the first copies you send out. Am very impressed with MS2 even with the changes required to make some of the older contribs run. I was able to edit several of the simpler ones and am very pleased with the results. But this contrib has me whipped and I have to admit my skills just aren't up to it. :( Kudos for everyone that helps to make this one of the best supported projects in the Open Source community. If you don't believe me just go to SourceForge and look at how many never even get an Alpha version written much less a very useable product such as this one. :!: Wonder what is in store for MS3???????
  9. ElLeonBlanco


    I can. Also he has a very bad attititude for assisting any of us with ideas or suggestions as to even where to look for this problem. Maybe he needs a new girlfriend or needs to go back to school and take a course in social ettiquite. Or maybe he RIPPED the code from someone else and just has no idea how to fix it. I am really developing an bad attitude about people such as him. Also as I have knowm MANY Germans in the past and they all seem to be this way. What gives? Must be a Euro thing.
  10. ElLeonBlanco

    [Contribution] Admin Account with Access Level

    Grretings Parikesit: Again I must compliment the control level your contribution provides. We have several employees in different departments and at different locations in other countries. It is very useful for allowing fullfilment to only access what they need as well as marketing and processing to be able to only update order progress. But as several others have mentioned the mail password issue is kind of a problem. It would be a much appreciated and valuable feature for the "TOP ADMIN" only to be able to set initial sub user passwords and change them as necessary. A Top Level admin should ideally be able to control all aspects of the user management system and have the option to turn email password on and off. Also when email password is enabled a correct answer to a password hint would be very useful for saving the administrator time by sending the user his existing password. An option for all password change requests to be sent to administrator for approval before password can be altered would also be a great feature. Sorry for all the suggestions. But when you have as many people forgetting passwords everyday as I do this would be a great help. Remember secretarys like to change to a new password Friday and when they return Monday I get called with "Why can't I log in?". WHY?? They can't remember what they entered on Friday. :D AHHHH! The circular life of a sys admin! :wink: Oh, Will this contrib run on the CVS of MS2? I know the OscAffiliate module has some issues that a couple of us are trying to debug now. Also can this admin contrib be used with OscAffillite and it's associated Banner manager contrib? Thanks for your patience, understanding, and tolerance.
  11. ElLeonBlanco


    1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'select a.*, pd.products_name from affiliate_clickthroughs a left join prod' at line 2 select count( select a.*, pd.products_name from affiliate_clickthroughs a left join products p on (p.products_id = a.affiliate_products_id) left join products_description pd on (pd.products_id = p.products_id and pd.language_id = '1') where a.affiliate_id = '1' ORDER BY a.affiliate_clientdate desc ) as total [TEP STOP] I figured I would work this one out later after i got my affiliate_payment line 392 problem solved. Looks like you are with me on trying to get this to run on the new CVS of MS2. Watch for the great flaming Henri! By the way how did you fix the LINE 392 problem? :P
  12. ElLeonBlanco


    I read your post above. I also thought that you came across with a bad attitude in it as well. Some of us are already working with the new release. I download and update daily. Sorry you feel so strongly against other people trying to make forward progress. I am sure that not everyone feels the way you do. It is a community of people working together that makes this project so strong and useful. I really enjoy working with oscommerce and think it is one of the finest shopping systems ever. The people that have developed it have done an exceptional job. You should be happy that someone is trying to use your contribution on a piece of work that is almost finished. It helps the whole community to advance at a more rapid pace. Instead of throwing flames and bad attitude you could offer a helpful tip or suggestion. :wink:
  13. ElLeonBlanco


    If anyone has a working affiliate_payment.php that runs on MS2 could you please send me a copy? Or read my above post and tell me what I am missing in the code for line 392? Wasted my whole night trying to sort this one out. :cry:
  14. ElLeonBlanco


    Hey! Thanks for the help on that one. Helped me fix a couple of other page bugs too. Now I am greeted with this lovely little error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /var/www/html/tiendas/catalog/admin/affiliate_payment.php on line 392 I have crawlled all over this line and the few preceeding it with a fine toothed comb. Maybe I am just missing something TOO obvious. I can generally find small errors like this one. But, this time I am at a loss. :? Any suggestions?
  15. ElLeonBlanco


    Hello: Loaded the latest 2.2 snapshot on 06-29 and everything seems to work except for this small error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /var/www/html/tiendas/catalog/admin/affiliate_payment.php on line 355 Under of course affiliate payment. Any ideas? Also will the banner manager and this contrib work with the admin with levels contrib? I need to know the answer to this question before i blow up my new install. :D