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    new install but no payment mods HELP!!!!

    I also have had this problem for two weeks. I really need help with it if anyone can help. I have checked the configure.php file and I have checked the absolute file path and used that in the configure.php file. Thanks
  2. Could someone tell me what is the difference between the BST and the STS?
  3. I am guessing that this is a simple problem but it is taking up a lot of my time. I completely reinstalled osCommerce I unzipped the STS in to the catalog\includes folder, part of that transfer involved adding other folders \sts_templates\mysite. I then added the sample code to the configure.php file. When I first ran it I had a few errors but I figured those out myself. And yes I am proud of that. lol So here's my problem, When I load my site the template does not display. All I see is the current date at the top and the osCommerce banner at the bottom. Can anyone tell me why I can not see the sts template in the browser? What step am I missing out? Thanks to anyone that can help.