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  1. what contribution is that? do you have the link?
  2. I'm really sorry... it must be the fact that I'm falling asleep here... I just read that you added $catmenu in version 1.8 :rolleyes: thanks again I'll install MS2 and STS on it and see how it goes ;)
  3. wow... great contrib! I've done some MS1 installs and had to fix the look getting my hands pretty dirty lol, so I'm really happy you came up with this :) I had started working on a catalog some time ago and then dropped it.. but in this catalog, I used a dropdown menu for the categories instead of having them in a box on the side how can I do this dropdown with your template system? thanks in advance! :)
  4. Anguz

    shipping cost

    I need to give the shipping cost from Mexico to different zones with different prices... what would be the best contribution for this? I found this one: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,920/page,3 maybe there's another one more fit? or this would do just fine? thank you :)
  5. aaah! I see!! I thought it replace the whole name with the dimensions... forgive my ignorance hehe.. I still don't understand some code very well thank you very much for your help :)
  6. this code generates a name for the resampled picture based on the width and height of the pic: // Name for the resampled image (always JPEG for decent results in size and quality $newName = eregi_replace( '.([a-z]{3,4})', "-{$width}x{$height}.jpg", $src ); my question is: wouldn't this two pictures with the same size generate the same value for $newName? if so, how could it be fixed?
  7. I just tried this contribution and it worked, I needed this for the store I'm working on... thanks a lot Jim Ficarra for your help I just wanted to mention that there's a variable name that changed since the release of this contribution near the end of the second edit to the product_info.php file, it says "$product_info_values['products_weight']"... it should be changed to "$product_info['products_weight']" it took me a while to figure out why the weight wasn't displaying, but I finally fixed it... thought I'd share it with you
  8. Anguz

    advanced search tweaks

    hmm... ok, I found it and read the code around it and figured this is to decide what fields it'll look for the keywords in, right? the new criteria I want to add to the search is "weight", but more than looking for the keyword there, I need to have a range, pretty much like the "date" and "price" options... I'm looking into the code for those two, but haven't figured it out yet... about the keywords thing, I want to be able to run a search without keywords, and although the first time I tried it it didn't work, it seems to work now lol, I wonder what I did wrong before :P the checkbox is checked now, thx for that too :)
  9. Anguz

    advanced search tweaks

    great!! I'll look into that code and hopefully make it work :P if not, I'll post here with details about the search box, I found this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,1036/page,5 so maybe you don't need to bother with that thank you :)
  10. Anguz

    sort and link products

    I got mine from here: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads/milestones I wonder what went wrong lol I'll wait for your reply after you have a chance to check out the code thank you very much for your help, Linda :)
  11. Anguz

    sort and link products

    no, it's straight MS1... the file name is "oscommerce-2.2ms1.zip" here I rar'ed the two files I have: http://www.anguz.net/anguz_osc.rar
  12. Anguz

    How To Make Contributions

    I like very much the way www.yabbse.org releases new mods for its forum... they post a new topic for each mod and then users comment on it and bugs and solutions and code and stuff it's very nice to see the changes made and also helps understand it more cause whatever wasn't explained in the readme.txt file, was asked there or can be asked there and get an answer... but I do prefer the way contributions are indexed here, cause they're in order, not by most-recent-replied-to-order a nice solution would be the contributions section that's here now, but with the possibility of replying to it like in a forum topic... I've seen some pages have a "comments" system at the bottom that lets the reader contribute another nice feature for the contributions area would be "search" (in name or description) and "sort by" (date, contributor...)
  13. Anguz

    sort and link products

    yeah, well no, I did change the header and took out some boxes on the sides, but I didn't change anything else other than that... but those changes weren't made to default.php or product_listing.php files now that I think about it just as a note, I don't know if it may be the reason, I'm using version 2.2 MS1
  14. Anguz

    sort and link products

    hehe... I'm 'watching' this topic, but don't worry about it, I'll be checking the contribution for the upgrade from time to time ;) btw, did you have a look at the link I gave you? is it supposed to be like that? cause when you said it should sort the columns by clicking the title, it made me wonder if I somehow changed something to disable it, but I really doubt it, cause I didn't mess with the code
  15. Anguz

    sort and link products

    nice! I'll let that wait 'till you're done with the smart upgrade ;) it'd be really nice to have a notification system for the contributions, to be alerted when one received an upgrade :)