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  1. I am using the contrib "Produktbezogen Versandkosten mit Aufschlag für jeden weiteren Artikel 2.1" an a shop with oscommerce version 2.2 rc2, all working fine. However, I have a problem, in the admin there is the possibility to create of 9 zones, so far all is well, now you can enter for each zone two shipping lists, here is my: Kat 1: 1:0.95,2:1.95,3:2.95,4:1.50,5:1.75,6:2.95,7:3.95,8:4.95,9:4.95,10:5.95,11:6.95,1 2:7.95,13:8.95,14:9.95,15:16.95,16:12.95,17:14.95,18:16.95,19:18.95,20:19.95,21: 18.95,22:24.95 1:0.95,2:1.95,3:2.95,4:1.50,5:1.75,6:2.95,7:3.95,8:4.95,9:4.95,10:5.95,11:6.95,1 2:7.95,13:8.95,14:9.95,15:16.95,16:12.95,17:14.95,18:16.95,19:18.95,20:19.95,21: 18.95,22:24.95 I need 22 (shipping) categories, but when I enter a new product in the catalog I can select all 22 in the drop down, but after selecting and saving only the first nine categories will get actually stored. If I select Cat 10 or higher it will not save the cat and the product is displayed with Cat1 instead. In the database table products - products_shipping_id I can see the cat has been registered and stored. Cat 8 is for example showing as a 800, Kat 13 as 1300. Just the same problem in table in the file shipping.php , only the first 9 categories are displayed with the correct value, the other from Cat 10 upwards are all displayed with the value 0.00. How and where do I change settings so that I can save all the 22 categories during product creation, and therefore the values in the shipping.php are displayed correctly. Or is the shipping module limited to 9 categories, if so, why can not more than 9 categories be used, what is actually causing this limitation. Could it be bypassed , I really need 22 classes for the shipping costs. Otherwise, this module is great. Thanks in advance for feedback and help. Urte
  2. urte

    Tax Info 1.6 - shipping.php

    nobody knows ?
  3. Hi all, I have a fresh install of OSCommerce 2.2 RC2 and have also installed the Tax Info 1.6 Addon to display my prices with the tax information. It all works well so far, I only have one small issue with the catalog/shipping.php page. /* $Id: shipping.php 1739 2007-12-20 00:52:16Z hpdl $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright © 2003 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ It displays the Zone 1, and then shows the list of the shippingcosts in the different categories below. Then Zone 2 and the list of shipping costs below. and so on. By default it showed all 9 Zones. I have worked out how to have only 5 Zones showing, by taking out the Country codes in zones 6-9 in the admin for the addon. By default it only shows the first 9 of the shipping costs from the admin section in both full price, and the row below the additional cost. I have 22 different postage categories added in the Addons admin like this : Zone1 1:0.95,2:0.95,3:0.95,4:1.50,5:1.25,6:1.50,7:1.95,8:1.95,9:2.95,10:2.95,11:3.95,12:3.95,13:3.95,14:3.95,15:5.95,16:5.95,17:5.95,18:5.95,19:5.95,20:5.95,21:5.95,22:5.95 I need all 22 to be displayed on the list on the shipping.php page, I have worked out how to display the postage categories for the ones above 9, but the prices after the 9th postage cost in the list are all displayed as 0.00 How do I display all 22 postage categories for all 5 zones correctly on the shipping.php Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. Have read up on this and getting more confused by the minute. osCommerce 2.2-MS2, Paypal IPN 1.4 is what is used at the moment. Want to start using Paypal Express Checkout, is Paypal Business account needed or is premier accout enough. I understand I need Paypal API for Express checkout , does it come with all paypal accounts? Is there any way to have express checkout without business account or API? Paypal premier account is set up at the moment. I dont really need Website Payments Pro, just the Express Checkout. Is that possible?
  5. urte

    PayPal Express issues,

    same problem in sandbo and live
  6. urte

    Custom Product Sort Order System

    Ok, I have just noticed something else. The shop where the contribution is working has these columns in the database in table products Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action and if I open Structure of Sort_Order row I get this Field: Sort_Order Type: SMALLINT Length/Values1: 4 Attributes: Null: null Default: NULL Extra: The shop where the contrib is not working anymore has these columns in the database in table products Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action and if I open Structure of Sort_Order row I get this Field : Sort_Order Type : SMALLINT Length/Values1 : 4 Collation : Attributes : Null : null Default2 : NULL Extra : Comments: This is the only difference I can find between the 2 shops?
  7. urte

    Custom Product Sort Order System

    --------------------------- OSC Commerce 2.2 Custom Product Sort Order System v0.5b Written by Howard Fenter III howard@ravesupply.com http://www.ravesupply.com/ Last Updated June 1st, 2004 UPDATED BY AARON HIATT Hi, this is the version I am using, have it installed on different shops, all working fine. Until now. One shop has given up on this contribution. It all appeared fine until I noticed the sort order had reverted back to alphabetically. And when you try to change the sort order in the backend admin -Modify sort order-. The input fields are all empty, I can type in the value but when i go to change they just empty and nothing saves / changes to the frontend. It is happening to products, no matter how many or little are listed under a category. On the category level I do not even have the input field anymore, but i still see the heading for the sort order column, also the -Sorting Rules-.
  8. urte

    Some paypal orders dont come through anymore

    There were no changes made to any of the Paypal account settings, Auto return is OFF and always has been. IPN is off and always has been. Although I noticed after pressing the "Continue to complete order" button I got redirected to my login.php page where I was not logged in anymore and after loggin back in my cart was still there. Changes made eas the session regeneration install, all was working well untill around then, but some orders still came through fine, just a very small percentage of the actual overall paypal orders. Now I have gone with puggybelle's suggestion, because the way she describes it is same as my issue. I have just upgraded from Paypal IPN 1.1 to Paypal IPN 1.4 and placed to two testorders. Both seem to have come through fine even though i did not press the "continue to complete order process" button on the 2nd order.
  9. I have osCommerce 2.2-MS2, and the $Id: paypal_ipn.php,v 2004/12/05 installed, which worked absolutely fine untill now. Lately Paypal Payments have come through, with no details of the order. Just the ordertotal and customer name. Looking in the backend admin, and in the database, these customers have accounts, no orders showing for them. This problem occured with 5 orders so far, 2 of them I managed to retrieve basket, other 3 have no basket (anymore?) I did have a problem with the session IDs being shared by customers, installed the Session Regeneration (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4112/v,22) on the 13th Oct. Have had Paypal payments come through since then. Only thing i noticed is their status has changed. When it used to be "Preparing Paypal IPN" it is now just "pending". And the problem with just the payment coming through and no order being logged seems to appear only after the Session Regeneration. Could the Session Regenerate be at fault here? And what would be a solution, has anyone had similar problems? Thanks for your time in advance (Please let me know if you need any mor info from me) Urte
  10. would this htaccess file be very individual to ones shop or could i just go and copy it and use it for my shop? where does it need to go exactly?
  11. quote: < HELP!! I Just installed Header Tags Controller 2.5.6, and get this error when I click onto my catalog link within the admin section: Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/specopst/public_html/shop/catalog/admin/categories.php on line 1148 When I open categories.php and look, I see that the error refers to the very last line in the file. This is the code which is there: <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'application_bottom.php'); ?> I followed the instructions, to the "T". I also used a file-comparison program to confirm that all of the correct adjustments were made to the categories.php file. I am able to see and go into the new "header tags" section as well as it's three sub-sections. I am also able to complete the "default title/description/keywords area, and at least improve from the canned OSc text. Any tips as to how I can create new "pages" to facilitate individualized page tags for each of my categories would also be appreciated. thanks in advance. >quote I had exactly the same problem, I then used the admin/categories.php that comes with my version Header_Tags_V2.5.6 and it works fine now. Urte