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  1. dsteinbach2

    Shipping Module How-To

    Im a experienced PHP/MySQL programmer and I sort of understand how OSCommerce works, but not enough to build my own module yet. Can anyone explain what's involved in developing a shipping module? What files and configuration changes need to be done to customize my shipping cost calculations. Maybe there is already a forum or tutorial link I havent found. Any information would help me on my way.. Thanks
  2. dsteinbach2

    Printing of Shipping Label with UPS module

    Yes - did you find a solution? This is exactly what im looking for as well.
  3. dsteinbach2

    USPS Package Tracking

    Can any one recommend a good contribution for tracking USPS orders? Dont want to install them all. ;)
  4. dsteinbach2

    USPS Problem -

    I got it working by following everybodies suggestions. (Calling USPS and having them change my account from testing to production). Now the question is if I place test orders through oscomm will my client's USPS account be charged? Or does this module only calc shipping charges or does it create the order and give it a tracking ID? I guess I should read into it more but im lazy....