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    My kids...That's it.<br />So I'm also interested in earning a living on the Internet so I can be there (at home) for them as they grow and struggle with life's little (and not so little) aches, pains and joys.
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  1. OSCnewbie

    Product Attributes - Option type big problem!

    I was having a similar problem. My resolution was as follows: Change (see part in red) TO (see the part in red) Hope that helps. OSCnewbie.
  2. OSCnewbie

    Must Select Option

    Hey, in reference to my last post re: "PHP Fatal error..." I tried something.... I commented out below line highlighted in red in includes/application_top.php (where I was getting the above-mentioned error message) And I'm no longer getting the error message; my product successfully requires fields filled, and adds to cart only when fields are appropriately selected as required. WILL THAT CHANGE CAUSE ME GRIEF SOMEWHERE ELSE? Hoping for a response from anyone in the "know" on the must-select contribution!!!!! (Tom?) (Carine?) (Anybody??) Thanks, --OSCnewbie.
  3. OSCnewbie

    Must Select Option

    Hi, Carine, I just installed your contribution for must-select options. I got this error message when I clicked "add to cart" without filling in required selects (2 of them in my product attributes): PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in C:\webroot1\domain\webmaster\domain.org\www\folder\osc_test\includes\application_top.php on line 378 Can you provide some guidance on fixing it? I copied and pasted your code, following your instructions, and I am using only the "single value" portion. My "--Please Select--" option value is set to ID #1, which I changed from your #9, in one location in the code. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for your help :rolleyes: --OSCnewbie
  4. OSCnewbie

    Product Options Text Box

    Hi, You need the "Product Attributes - Option Type Features" contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,160 --OSCnewbie.