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  1. Thesee

    Contrib Installer

    Hi, some suggestions to this contibution. For me it don't work( the installer cant check permission and file existance) I' know what is the bug, and this is my suggestion :) All the functions in "permission_check.php" have DIR_FS_CATALOG as initial dir. My site have the admin folder in separate place, I searched if there are some configuration files for the contrib_installer but unfortunately i have modified the install and the permission_check.php to make it work...but seem that this configuration in not good ...due to anothers problems ..... So my suggestion is to use 2 variables : Full path to catalog directory and full path to admin directory.....because seem that the installer script check the admin folder only in the catalog folder. What about all site with this configuration? /www/mysite/catalog/ /www/mysite/admin/ Good the work for all the rest, my compliments to developers :thumbsup: Sorry for my english, bye
  2. Thesee

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    If you want to put your oscommerce in a subdirectory (not in root), thi code willnot work. You should change in the file url_rewrite.php this code: search the function transform_url search if ((strpos($url, 'action')) || (!$this->pages(current($url_array = explode('/', trim(ltrim($url_parts['path'], DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG), '/')))))) return $url; replace with if ((strpos($url, 'action')) || (!$this->pages(current($url_array = explode('/', trim(str_replace(DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG, '', $url_parts['path']), '/')))))) return $url; The only change is: the function "ltrim" is not good to make this work. Replaced it with str_replace. Form me it works, let me know ;) bye