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  1. Hello All at Oscommerce, Does this module enable the administrator to set different price breaks levels to deifferent products. ie product A product quantity 1- 12 ?10 per product product quantity 13 - 80 ?9 per product product B product quantity 1- 10 ?11 per product product quantity 11 - 50 ?8 per product From the authors site(http://www.bicad.com its a live site) I noticed that you are restricted to purchasing in multiples of 12 can this restriction be removed, and can this resitriction be differnt for each product? Is it possible to add aditional price breaks? Cheers guys
  2. I've got Seperate Pricing v3.3 working with snapshot available 20th May 2003. Everything works fine for me except 1. When I browse as a user the contirbution looks for table_products_groups and when I browse as an admin the contribution looks for products_groups 2. Updating the status doesnt work (I've used the last patch but it didn't set it too 1)