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  1. these instructions are great! i will follow them closely soon. im just wondering, will the Purchase Without Account affect anything here?
  2. Joe7

    creating ebook oscommerce store

    hey some ebook stores are using oscommerce i.e. http://www.24hour-shop.com/ just wondering how hard this is to install?
  3. I've come into a bit of a dilemma.. either go for the nice looking site without the PWA feature (which I love) or have the default oScommerce site theme with it.... Willing to give this template away to anyone if they can help me :/
  4. Hey I've recently installed oScommerce with a new theme and I want to install the 'Pay Without Account' contrib, but on following the instructions it brings my a lot of my nice template back to the original oSc theme which totally messes it all up. Does anyone have any advice on how to install PWA on a theme? ?? :angry:
  5. Joe7

    Simple store using PayPal

    Thanks, I've also been looking into ProtX as a proper merchant account in the UK.
  6. Joe7

    Royal Mail

    Sounds great for the UK OSCers! I guess any other users can edit the text to suit them. So it would offer a drop down menu listing the following along with there costs? - UK Royal Mail Recorded Signed For - International Royal Mail Recorded Signed For - 1st Class Post - 2nd Class Post Will the shopowner be able to edit the costs in the admin area?
  7. Joe7

    Simple store using PayPal

    Hi, I'm planning on creating an online store for the UK market, only around 30 products to begin with and adding more each week. I have no problem installing oScommerce and editing it slightly, but I still think I am going to purchase on a template from somewhere as making an oScommerce site look different from the rest seems complicated. I will only be accepting PayPal as payment and I want my users to order things very easily i.e. not have to create an account (although I would like there e-mail addresses for future promotions etc.) I have two options (I think): 1/ Create my own website, add the items with the paypal payment link and shopping basket code. This would give me full control over the structure and look of my site. I could also create web addresses that are 100% search engine friendly (mysite.com/name_of_product.htm) On the downside would be more hassle to add items, and update items and I have no features like 'top sellers' etc.. The other option: 2/ Create the oScommerce site, add the 'Purchase Without Account' module, add the PayPal IPN and install a new theme. I'm just wondering if I can create the above set up easily and have the buying process as simple as possible. I don't want my customers leaving my site and going to PayPal.com. Is this possible at all? :blink: