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  1. I was trying to use this contribution to return the thumbnail image name so I could use it as a source in another program. I used tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $row->image_url, '', 100,100) I was expecting the new image name created in the thumbnails directory to be returned but it just returned the original image name. Am I using this wrong. I have spent over 8 hours working on this. Please help.
  2. jonbucs

    Easypopulate for orders

    I am looking for a contribution like easypopulate but for orders. I have a file with order numbers and tracking numbers and I want to be able to upload the file and have the statuses updated and an email sent to the customer as if I was doing it through the admin order screen. Any suggestions?
  3. jonbucs

    [contribution] Update-o-matic

    Does this module require you to input all of the orders and status or can import them from a txt or csv file? I have a file that contains all of my orders and tracking numbers and I would like to import them and have all the statuses updated and emails sent.
  4. jonbucs

    Easy Coupons

    To all those that came before me: I tried installing this module a couple of months ago but gave up because the coupon codes were not being applied. I am ready to give it a new go but wanted tips from others that have successfully installed this. Do I simply follow the instructions in easy discount, easy discount add-on for shopping cart, and of course easy coupons and everything should work or is there something else I need to do?
  5. jonbucs

    Easy Coupons

    I installed the contribution and the admin side appears to work but when I enter a code in the shopping cart nothing happens. No errors - nothing. Any ideas? I am also interested in creating shorter coupon codes. Any takers? Thanks, Jonathan
  6. jonbucs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    First of all, I want to thank FlyingMonkey and everyone else that has contributed to this contribution. I found the Bizrate contribution as well which was based upon this one. However, Bizrate now uses numbers for their categories. I would like to map my categories to the bizrate categories. I was thinking of creating a mapping table that would do this. Has anyone done this? I do not want to re-invent the wheel if someone already did this. Also, if someone could tell me what I would need to modify in the code to perform the lookup that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Scott: Great job on this contribution. I got it to install. However, I am not seeing the links and table on the account history page. What should I check? Thanks!
  8. jonbucs

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    I have successfully integrated the phpbb and oscommerce integration (I think). Everything appears to be working. The contribution uses the lastname for the forum username. I know there is a hack to use a login instead of user name? But I think that is something totally different. It appears if I modify the contribution slightly, I can prompt for a username and use that in the forum instead of lastname. Is this over simplified?