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  1. Thanks Frenchy - I should have mentioned that I am also using the Best PICS contrib. I set the width in the code of the products_info.php file and not in the admin. Anyway I set only the width and still doesnt work. Im thinking it may be because of the class that is associated with the main pic, class="picselectmain". Does the class have anything to do with IM knowing which images to work on? Thanks again
  2. Has anyone tried using Image Magic on the main image (big image) on the product_info page? I have successfully installed IM and it works great! Now I would like to use IM on the main image on the product info page as some of my images are larger than what I want displayed. The main images (very large) are currently shrinked into the sizes that I have set but are not very clear and are distorted. I have combed this thread but does not look this has ever come up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. linkwireless

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    I had installed this contrib and it works great! But I also have the jcssmenu contrib installed as well and does not work with this menu. The jcssmenu shows all categories regardless of enabled or disabled. Anyone else using jcssmenu with this contrib? Anyone have any ideas where I should look to get this to work with jcssmenu? :huh: Thanks in advance & for this contrib!