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  1. Move your mouse over the image ... is there a contrib that allows us to do this ? http://www.myshape.com/product_info.php?pr...ed+Leather+Tote thanks.
  2. lucilue2003

    Easy Populate nightmare!

    The only thing i can think of is permissions. DId you confirm that you have the right permissions on both the temp directory and the directory to where you're sending it to ?
  3. lucilue2003

    virtual proof

    Hello, I am developing a osc site for t-shirts. I have options for size, color, and type. I would also like the ability for the user to upload their logo and be able to view the logo on the t-shirt and also have the logo available on the order when i'm processing it. Is there a module that allows a user to upload a picture and have it placed in the order ? THanks.
  4. lucilue2003

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    can some1 please advise me. i only want to add the ability 2 have the product name on the url. can i do that on osc 5-18-03? n is there a live place to check out the contrib? Thanks.
  5. lucilue2003

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Hello to all developers. I have a question about this mod. 1) I am not familiar with all ther perks of this mod. Is there a live demonstration (admin + catalog) where i can see the benefits of this prod? 2) I am using snapshot 5-18-2003 and all i really want to do is to have a search engine friendly urls and i wanted to have the ability to place the product name on the url. If i just want this, can some1 please advice me? Thanks.
  6. gpraceman: Yes. I require only the text fields. Which queries do i need to make this happen. What do i need to do to integrate them. Thanks gpraceman, for all your assistance. Thanks too every1 else too..! :D
  7. So like do any of these work with snapshot 5/18/2003 ? Please do let me know. Any1... please.. thanks.
  8. The thing is that i've been reading this forum (all 17 or 18 pages) and its soo confusing because people are jumping from some1 else contrib to this contrib. I ask if any1 has a good copy working, to please zip it and share with the rest of us. Thanks.
  9. I'm having some trouble guys. All i want is the text option. Everything was until you click on the IN CART image. once you click, it shows the prices fine, but it doesn't show that text option. please help. thanks.
  10. I am followwing the post from teksigns on page 2 for product_info.php i was wondering.... i am using lindas sec1_0b and i wanted to ask in comparing the files, should i or should i not do the following: the product_info.php : // show weight if ($products_options['products_attributes_weight']!=0) { the new recommendations state: if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0') { which should i keep ? personally, my shop doesnt' care for about weight, but still is there something i should use ? thanks.
  11. Hello agaain. I was hoping some1 will tell me, or give me the url of a place that has the this contrib installed. I just want to verify my install with urs... thanks..
  12. Hello. I have just installed lindas sec1_0b. And i am trying to install this module with it. I was hoping for one or both of the following: 1) a site that demonstrates this contribution -so i know if i have done it correctly. 2) some1 that added this contrib with linda's sec1_0b -maybe they'ed share ? Thanks. Lucy.
  13. lucilue2003

    User Tracking with Admin 1.31 Released

    can someone please send me a link to the live contribution. I would love to see it before trying to install it. Thanks.
  14. Dear Linda, My shop is close to being live. I am only waiting on the Shoppe Enhancement Controller v1.0 I? I know that your are a busy bee, but when do you approximate for this to happen. I really want this... :D Thank you.
  15. I want to add more then four breaks (more like 10). Any 1 know how this can be done ? Thanks.