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  1. IN RESPECT TO MY ABOVE POST! :thumbsup: The version i installed was 2.1 Everthing is working but the buy now buttons. I installed HEADER TAGS CONTROLLER and made some ajustments there. Its definatly this contribution causing the issue, i have rolled back through my work and it started when i installed this, but then again i did install the HDC first then made some changes to get them working together, will have to check the changes i made here to see if this helps. Wish i noticed this bug five contributions ago! :blush: Please someone out there must be able to help, i bet its simple just cant see the cause! HELP! :(
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with this contribution and i just cant work it out! When i click the BUY NOW button in the product listing (or featured set contribution) it doesn't do anything because the url has been rewritten, perphap wrong and it also identical for every product on that page? Strange thing is when i load the shop any featured product on thwe first index page works ok, its just every page after the rewrite i think? can anyone tell me how to get this working ive searched every forum but cant find a complete answer! You help is appreciated! :blink:
  3. I have just installed this brilliant contribution but need your help to solve a problem! checkout_shipping.php page loads with javascript errors and get order total wont work at all, it will still process but just wont calculate the totals, but if i take away this contib its fine? The shop has been modified with contribs from others, Fast easy checkout is the one i expect to be suspect somehow! Strange one cant work this out any ideas anyone please! :huh:
  4. Installed your contribution, Very Nice actually its just what i needed. I have the same problem pretty much im using the create_account3.php from the contrib and that works fine now after a little tweaking, but when the customers trys to create a new account the password box is missing, tried to adapt but its going a bit mad, putting the right column in its place just a bit messed up Please help me! Installed the 3.1 and it still has a few issues because i removed all countries and had to solve that one using the threads here to find the answers but so simple really maybe a contrib update? Thanks for the hard work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: