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  1. I originally used an asort(); function to order the attributes in the pad_single_radioset.php which worked ok. However, the pad_base update above works perfectly for both radio buttons and drop downs no need for the asort() thanks PhaseClone top notch answer :)
  2. I Have installed QT Pro, and notice that the product attributes get jumbled up, and do not display in order as per the attribute ID displayed in the Admin console. I have been looking in the class (pasted below) that I think needs changing to sort the attributes before they are displayed, but cant get anything to work. If anyone has got any ideas, that would be great. Thanks function _draw_stocked_attributes() { global $languages_id; $out=''; $attributes = $this->_build_attributes_array(true, false); if (sizeof($attributes)>0) { $combinations = array(); $selected_combination = 0; $this->_build_attributes_combinations($attributes, $this->show_out_of_stock == 'True', $this->mark_out_of_stock, $combinations, $selected_combination); $combname=''; foreach ($attributes as $attrib) { $combname.=', '.$attrib['oname']; } $combname=substr($combname,2).':'; foreach ($combinations as $combindex => $comb) { $out.="<tr>\n"; $out.=' <td align="right" class=main><strong>'.$combname."</strong></td>\n <td class=main>"; $out.=tep_draw_radio_field('attrcomb', $combinations[$combindex]['id'], ($combindex==$selected_combination)) . $comb['text']; $out.="</td>\n"; $out.="</tr>\n"; $combname=''; } } $out.=$this->_draw_out_of_stock_message_js($attributes); return $out; } }
  3. Hi When I add a maximum number of products to display per page, it does not let me cycle to the next results page when I have Search Engine Freindly URL's turned on. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  4. twigster

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    Hi Again I am still experiencing problems with the updating of the status when creating batch invoices. I am running the admin tool using an SSL certificate. It seems that the update works fine when the connection is http but does not update when the connection is https. Has anyone managed to use this tool using an SSL connection? If anyone has any ideas on how to get the database update to work when using https I would be most greateful. Many Thanks Mike
  5. twigster

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    Hi Sam Thanks for taking the time to help. I'm trying to print the invoices. I am using IE 6 and the page completes loading. When I return to the orders screen again and refresh, the orders are still being displayed as pending. Could there be a problem with the logic at the bottom of the print_batch_process.php? I am running the code on a Sun Solaris box. I changed the format of each of the files from ASCII to Binary to remove any control characters that may hav been interpreted on upload but this seemed to have no effect. Thanks Mike
  6. twigster

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    Hi I have installed this contributiona nd the Invoice printing works a treat however the status of orders is not updated. For example if I have several orders that are pending and select the processing option from the drop down, when I press confirm it opens the print screen in a new window but does not update the status of the orders in the orders screen. Have you got any ideas where I am going wrong? Would be most greatful for your help. Thanks